General programme of the  21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, ICTON’2019, Angers, France, July 9-13, 2019     


ICTON 2019 - Preliminary Programme



PLENARY I (Tuesday, July 9, 14:50-16:10)

Tu.A.1 Spatial optical solitons in nematic liquid crystals: En-route to photonics (Invited)
G. Assanto

Tu.A.2 Networks for an infinite service future (Invited)
P. Cochrane and M. Abdel-Maguid

PLENARY II (Wednesday, July 10, 8:30-9:00)

We.A Nanoparticles for quadratic nonlinear optics: From dielectric to metallic structures (Invited)
I. Ledoux-Rak

PLENARY III (Saturday, July 13, 12:00-12:40)

Sa.C Perspectives in chemistry: Molecular – Supramolecular – Adaptive chemistry (Invited)
Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry

ICTON I (Tuesday, July 9, 16:30-17:50)

Tu.B.1 Nano-structures and plasmonic nano-antennas based devices for photonic sensing and data handling applications (Invited)
M. Cohen, Y. Abulafia, R. Shavit, A. Rudnitsky, S. Agdarov, and Z. Zalevsky

Tu.B.2 Silicon photonics for coherent terahertz generation and detection (Invited)
W. Freude, T. Harter, S. Muehlbrandt, S. Ummethala, S. Nellen, L. Hahn, S. Randel, and C. Koos

Tu.B.3 Reconfigurable radio-over-fibre networks for interference mitigation in linear cell radars (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, T. Miura, and K. Inagaki

Tu.B.4 Label free super-resolved nanoscopy: PALM-like, STED-like and hybrid AFM/NSOM (Invited)
A. Karsenty, A. Chelly, M. Sinvani, H. Pinhas, O. Wagner, Y. Danan, and Z. Zalevsky

ICTON II (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-11:05)

We.B1.1 A comparative analysis of data models for optical transport networks (Invited)
A. Farrel and D. King

We.B1.2 Interoperability issues in optical transport networks (Invited)
L. Alahdab, C. Ware, E. Le Rouzic, J. Meuric, and A. Triki

We.B1.3 Bulk data transfer with store-and-forward in wide area networks (Invited)
Weiqiang Sun, Shengnan Yue, Qian Liu, Xiao Lin, and Weisheng Hu

We.B1.4 A survey of neural network applications in fiber nonlinearity mitigation (Invited)
C. Catanese, A. Triki, E. Pincemin, and Y. Jaouën

We.B1.5 Regular perturbation for the weak dispersion regime (Invited)
V. Oliari, E. Agrell, and A. Alvarado

We.B1.6 Eigenvalue trajectories in multispan soliton transmission systems under lumped and distributed amplification
B. Leible and N. Hanik

ICTON III (Wednesday, July 10, 11:30-13:10)

We.C1.1 SDN-enabled adaptive modulation and coding in hybrid C-RANs (Invited)
Mingwei Yang, H. Rastegarfar, and I. B Djordjevic

We.C1.2 Low-cost/power coherent transceivers for intra-datacenter interconnections and 5G fronthaul links (Invited)
I. Tomkos, A. Tolmachev, A. Agmon, M. Meltsin, T. Nikas, and M. Nazarathy

We.C1.3 A coherent receiver for analog-over-fiber systems based on feed-forward carrier-recovery (Invited)
M. Presi, M. Rannello, and E. Ciaramella

We.C1.4 Upgrade capacity scenarios enabled by multi-band optical systems (Invited)
A. Ferrari, A. Napoli, J. K. Fischer, N. Costa, N. Sambo, E. Pincemin, and V. Curri

We.C1.5 Adaptive optical transmission systems employing multidimensional modulation (Invited)
S. Ohlendorf, T. Wettlin, S. Pachnicke, and W. Rosenkranz

ICTON IV (Wednesday, July 10, 14:40-16:35)

We.D1.1 Novel real time DC bias monitoring technique for single polarisation quad-drive IQ modulator (Invited)
N. Canas-Estrada and F. C. Garcia Gunning

We.D1.2 On the use of SOA-based tunable dispersion compensator in ultrafast incoherent fiber-optic CDMA systems under temperature variation (Invited)
Wing C. Kwong, S. Seyedzadeh, I. Glesk, and Guu-Chang Yang

We.D1.3 Optical power budget enhancement in 50 Gb/s IM-DD PONs with NOMA CAP modulation and SOA-based amplification
S. Sarmiento, J. M. Delgado Mendinueta, J. A. Altabás, S. Spadaro, S. Shinada, H. Furukawa, J. J. Vegas Olmos, J. A. Lázaro, and N. Wada

We.D1.4 Assessment of the combined effect of laser phase noise and intercore crosstalk on the outage probability of DD OOK systems
J. L. Rebola, T. M. F. Alves, and A. V. T. Cartaxo

We.D1.5 Propagation effects in mixed 10G-100G dispersion managed optical links
E. Virgillito, A. Castoldi, A. D’Amico, S. Straullu, S. Abrate, R. Pastorelli, and V. Curri

We.D1.6 High-quality 10 and 20 GHz repetition rate optical sources based on the spectral phase tailoring of a temporal sinusoidal phase modulation
U. Andral, B. Kibler, K. Hammani, J. Fatome, and C. Finot

We.D1.7 Real-DFT based DCO-OFDM and ACO-OFDM for optical communications systems
R. G. A. Gallo, A. M. Abdelaziz, M. Alghoniemy, and H. M. H. Shalaby

ICTON V (Wednesday, July 10, 17:00-18:55)

We.E1.1 Application of seven core fiber-based sensor on torsion angle measurement and vital signs monitoring (Invited)
Changyuan Yu, Fengze Tan, Zhengyong Liu, Shuyang Chen, and Zhenyu Huang

We.E1.2 A review on the applications and challenges of active silicon ring resonators (Invited)
K. Jamshidi, M. Catuneanu, N. Annavarapu, S. Dev, S. Sabouri, R. Hamerly, D. Gray, C. Rogers, D. Heydari, and H. Mabuchi

We.E1.3 Generation of optical combs based on intensity electro-optic modulators using a differential evolution algorithm (Invited)
G. F. I. Pendiuk, P. de Tarso Neves Jr., and A. de Almeida Prado Pohl

We.E1.4 POF application to building ventilation systems in harsh environment (Invited)
C. Stoichita, A. Marchewka, and D. Eap

We.E1.5 Underwater optical network for remote sensing applications in fluvial environments (Invited)
A. Ramirez, M. Morant, and R. Llorente

We.E1.6 Si and Si-rich silicon-nitride waveguides for optical transmissions and nonlinear applications around 2 µm
M. Lamy, C. Finot, C. Lacava, G. Roelkens, B. Kuyken, A. Parriaux, G. Millot, P. Petropoulos, and K. Hammani

ICTON VI (Thursday, July 11, 8:30-10:30)

Th.A1.1 The laser linewidth – Fairy tales and physical evidence (Invited)
M. Pollnau

Th.A1.2 Non-Hermitian broad aperture semiconductor lasers based on PT-symmetry (Invited)
M. Botey, W. W. Ahmed, J. Medina, R. Herrero, and K. Staliunas

Th.A1.3 Complex dynamics of long cavity lasers (Invited)
S. Slepneva, U. Gowda, A. Pimenov, A. G. Vladimirov, E. Viktorov, and G. Huyet

Th.A1.4 Titanium dioxide waveguides for supercontinuum generation and optical transmissions in the near- and mid-infrared (Invited)
M. Lamy, C. Finot, L. Markey, J. Arocas, J. Fatome, B. Kibler, A. Dereux, J-C. Weeber, and K. Hammani

Th.A1.5 Real-time measurements of ultrafast instabilities in nonlinear fiber optics: Recent advances (Invited)
J. M. Dudley, P. Ryczkowski, M. Närhi, C. Billet, J.-M. Merolla, C. Lapre, F. Meng, P.-A. Lacourt, and G. Genty

Th.A1.6 Multidimensional shaping of spatiotemporal waves in multimode nonlinear fibers (Invited)
S. Wabnitz, A. Niang, D. Modotto, A. Barthelemy, A. Tonello, V. Couderc, V. Kermene, A. Desfarges-Berthelemot, M. Fabert, E. Deliancourt, K. Krupa, and G. Millot

ACCESS I (Thursday, July 11, 11:00-12:35)

Th.B1.1 Versatile metro-access network integrating FTTH, enterprises, IoT and 5G services (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, and J. Prat

Th.B1.2 Disruptive photonic technologies for the future sustainable high-capacity metro network (Invited)
A. Gatto, P. Parolari, M. Rapisarda, C. Neumeyr, S. Bhat, G. Delrosso, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. M. Fabrega, L. Nadal, P. Boffi

Th.B1.3 Effect of filtering in dense WDM metro networks adopting VCSEL-based multi-Tb/s transmitters (Invited)
P. Parolari, A. Gatto, M. Rapisarda, C. Neumeyr, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. M. Fabrega, L. Nadal, and P. Boffi

Th.B1.4 Advanced technologies for coherent access networks (Invited)
J. A. Altabas, D. Izquierdo, J. Clemente, S. Sarmiento, G. Silva Valdecasa, M. Squartecchia, L. F. Suhr, O. Gallardo, A. Lopez, M. Á. Losada, J. Mateo, J. Bevensee Jensen, J. A. Lazaro, and I. Garces

Th.B1.5 Demonstration of asymmetric wavelength selective switch based on LCoS SLM for optical access network
Hsi-Hsir Chou and Chia-Lun Chen

ACCESS II (Thursday, July 11, 14:00-15:50)

Th.C1.1 Adaptive coding and modulation for robust 50G PONs (Invited)
E. Chou and J. M. Kahn

Th.C1.2 Direct PSK-ASK modulation for coherent udWDM (Invited)
J. Prat, J. C. Velasquez, and J. Tabares

Th.C1.3 Towards 25+ Gbps/λ IM-DD PON: NRZ, duobinary, PAM4, and DMT transmission and optical budget comparison (Invited)
A. Udalcovs, Lu Zhang, A. Djupsjöbacka, Shilin Xiao, Jiajia Chen, S. Popov, and O. Ozolins

Th.C1.4 Physical-layer OFDM data encryption using chaotic QAM mapping (Invited)
Xuelin Yang, A. Sultan, A. A. E. Hajomer, and Weisheng Hu

Th.C1.5 Optimization of OFDM parameters for 10-Gbps long reach coherent PONs
A. Ferreira, B. Dias, J. A. de Oliveira, A. Alves, J. D. Marconi, G. Campuzano, J. Pita, and I. Aldaya

Th.C1.6 Novel dynamic bandwidth and wavelength allocation algorithm for energy efficiency in TWDM-PON
S. Garg and A. Dixit

MARS (Thursday, July 11, 16:20-18:40)

Th.D1.1 Optimal dimensioning of the 5G optical fronthaulings for providing ultra-high bit rates in small-cell and femto-cell deployments (Invited)
G. V. Arévalo and R. Gaudino

Th.D1.2 Multi-layer optimization framework for optical transport networks with dynamic margin management (Invited)
J. Pedro, D. Moniz, and J. Pires

Th.D1.3 Impact of vendor selection on the total cost of ownership of intra-data centre networks (Invited)
R. Romero-Reyes, V. Vijayakumar Pai, S. Sultana, and T. Bauschert

Th.D1.4 How optical-circuit/electrical-packet hybrid switching will create high performance and cost-effective data center networks (Invited)
Ken-ichi Sato

Th.D1.5 Severe cold weather is valuable to build Northeast China as the largest data and computing centre in China and in the world (Invited)
Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu

Th.D1.6 Path planning of submarine cables (Invited)
Qing Wang, Zengfu Wang, Jun Guo, E. Tahchi, Xinyu Wang, B. Moran, and M. Zukerman

Th.D1.7 To be specified (Invited)
A. Teixeira

MWP I (Friday, July 12, 8:30-9:45)

Fr.A1.1 Advances in microwave photonic beamforming for phased-array antennas (Invited)
R. A. Minasian and Xiaoke Yi

Fr.A1.2 Microphotonics-based architectures of mini-SAR payloads (Invited)
M. N. Armenise, F. Dell’Olio, C. Ciminelli, C. Galeone, and G. Brunetti

Fr.A1.3 Distributed coherent radars enabled by fiber networks (Invited)
P. Ghelfi, L. Lembo, F. Scotti, G. Serafino, S. Maresca, and A. Bogoni

Fr.A1.4 A photonic beamforming network based on phase shifters for microwave wide-band applications
G. Serafino, B. Hussain, C. Porzi, M. Chiesa, V. Toccafondo, A. Bogoni, and P. Ghelfi

MWP II (Friday, July 12, 10:15-11:55)

Fr.B1.1 Radio-frequency signal generation using actively frequency stabilised monolithically integrated InP‑based lasers (Invited)
S. Andreou, K. Williams, and E. Bente

Fr.B1.2 Analog radio over fiber links for future 5G radio access networks (Invited)
D. Perez-Galacho, D. Sartiano, and S. Sales

Fr.B1.3 Optically generated millimeter wave reflectometry signals approaches followed in the RETIOT project (Invited)
M. C. R. Medeiros, P. Almeida, P. Laurêncio, and P. M. Monteiro

Fr.B1.4 Compact millimeter-wave wireless link using photonic-based broadband transmitter and Schottky-based envelope detector (Invited)
R. Guzman, M. Ali, A. Zarzuelo, J. Cesar Cuello, and G. Carpintero

Fr.B1.5 SOA-MZI all-optical RoF signal mixing (Invited)
D. Kastritsis, K. E. Zoiros, T. Rampone, and A. Sharaiha

MWP III (Friday, July 12, 13:30-14:50)

Fr.C1.1 On the use of microwave photonics techniques for novel sensing applications (Invited)
D. Sartiano, J. Hervás, J. Madrigal, D. Pérez-Galacho, and S. Sales

Fr.C1.2 Integrated microphotonic switching matrices for flexible and broadband telecom satellite payloads (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell’Olio, G. Brunetti, A. Di Benedetto, and M. N. Armenise

Fr.C1.3 Reconfigurable and optically transparent graphene-based devices (Invited)
M. Grande, G. V. Bianco, F. Kashif, M. Scalora, G. Bruno, and A. D’Orazio

Fr.C1.4 Microwave photonic linear frequency networks (Invited)
G. Charalambous and S. Iezekiel

THzP I (Friday, July 12, 15:20-17:00)

Fr.D1.1 Optical generation of mmW and THz signals using PICs (Invited)
P. D. Lakshmijayasimha, P. M. Anandarajah, D. G. Pascual, G. Jain, J. Braddell, P. Landais, and A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah

Fr.D1.2 Photonic integrated chips for millimeter-wave and THz beam steering antennas (Invited)
P. Lu, M. Steeg, T. Haddad, K. Neophytou, S. Makhlouf, S. Dülme, M. Grzeslo, V. Rymanov, and A. Stöhr

Fr.D1.3 New opportunities in quasi-optical materials characterization in far infrared region (Invited)
Y. Yashchyshyn and K. Godziszewski

Fr.D1.4 Terahertz modulation by Schottky junction in metal-semiconductor-metal microcavities (Invited)
G. Isić, G. Sinatkas, D. C. Zografopoulos, B. Vasić, A. Ferraro, R. Beccherelli, E. E. Kriezis, and M. Belić

Fr.D1.5 Materials for nonlinear optics in the GHz-THz range (Invited)
M. F. Pereira

THzP II (Saturday, July 13, 8:30-9:45)

Sa.A1.1 Applications of terajet effect for terahertz photonics (Invited)
I. V. Minin and O. V. Minin

Sa.A1.2 A semi-analytical approach for performance evaluation of RTD-based oscillators (Invited)
R. Nobrega, U. Duarte, T. Raddo, I. Glesk, A. Sanches, and M. Loiola

Sa.A1.3 Compact and tunable room temperature THz source from quantum dot based ultrafast photoconductive antennae (Invited)
E. U. Rafailov, T. Gric, A. Gorodetsky, and N. Bazieva

Sa.A1.4 W-band heterodyne wireless system with 2.3 GHz intermediate frequency driven entirely by ErAs:In(Al)GaAs photoconductors
A. de Jesus Fernandez Olvera, A. Morales, Yunfeng Dong, D. Konstantiou, S. Rommel, T. Johansen, C. Okonkwo, I. Tafur Monroy, and S. Preu

SDM (Saturday, July 13, 10:10-11:30)

Sa.B1.1 Few-mode fiber true time delay lines (Invited)
S. Garcia, R. Guillem, and I. Gasulla

Sa.B1.2 Scanning-based chromatic dispersion estimation in mode-multiplexed optical systems (Invited)
R. S. B. Ospina, L. F. dos Santos, D. A. A. Mello, and F. M. Ferreira

Sa.B1.3 Multi-granular optical networks based on SDM technologies (Invited)
Y. Hirota, R. S. Luis, H. Furukawa, and N. Wada

Sa.B1.4 Power efficient fine spectral compression for high resolution optical quantization based on intensity-to-lambda conversion (Invited)
T. Konishi, Y. Kaihori, and Y. Yamasaki

OWW I (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-11:10)

We.B2.1 TOWS: Introducing optical wireless for satellites (Invited)
E. Ciaramella, G. Cossu, E. Ertunc, L. Gilli, A. Messa, M. Rannello, M. Presi, A. Sturniolo, F. Bresciani, and E. Pensa

We.B2.2 Novel OCDMA schemes in free space optical communication networks: Performance evaluation and comparative analysis  (Invited)
Sonali, A. Dixit, and V. K. Jain

We.B2.3 Measurement of influence of total rainfall on modulated optical beam in laboratory FSO system  (Invited)
J. Latal, J. Vitasek, M. Bojko, L. Hajek, Z. Wilcek, J. Kolar, T. Stratil, and F. Šarlej

We.B2.4 Optical wireless systems for high energy physics: Design and characterization (Invited)
A. Messa, G. Cossu, A. Sturniolo, W. Ali, L. Gilli, P. G. Verdini, R. Dell’Orso, A. Basti, F. Palla, and E. Ciaramella

We.B2.5 Comparison of properties of white LED and blue LED with external phosphor layer (Invited)
J. Vitasek, T. Stratil, Z. Wilcek, J. Kolar, and M. Hub

We.B2.5 Optimized user association for indoor hybrid Li-Fi Wi-Fi network (Invited)
R. Ahmad and A. Srivastava

OWW II (Wednesday, July 10, 11:30-13:20)

We.C2.1 On the DC balance of multi-level PAM VLC systems (Invited)
M. Wolf and M. Haardt

We.C2.2 Defocus based optical signal reception for distance enhanced optical camera communication
Joon-Woo Lee, Sung-Jin Kim, and Sank-Kook Han

We.C2.3 Performance of indoor visible light communication system under random placement of LEDs
A. Singh, A. Srivastava, V. A. Bohara, and G. Subrahmanya VRK Rao

We.C2.4 Adjustment of radiation pattern of street luminaire
J. Vitasek, T. Stratil, Z. Wilcek, J. Kolar, and M. Hub

We.C2.5 Adaptive channel estimation in VLC for dynamic indoor environment
D. N. Anwar, A. Srivastava, and V. A. Bohara

We.C2.6 Constructing passive self-located and collision-free identification system by leveraging DMD-based visible light communication
Qianshui Jiang, Pengpeng Zhou, and Hao He

We.C2.7 VLC systems with CGHs
S. H. Younus, A. A. Al-Hameed, A. T. Hussein, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

FiWiN5G (Wednesday, July 10, 14:40-16:40)

We.D2.1 Optical solutions for 5G: Technologies and network architectures (Invited)
A. Tartaglia, R. Magri, and A. Deho

We.D2.2 FTTH and 5G xhaul synergies for the present and future (Invited)
P. Chanclou, L. A. Neto, G. Simon, A. El Ankouri, S. Barthomeuf, and F. Saliou

We.D2.3 Minimum cost design of 5G networks with UAVs, tree-based optical backhauling, microgeneration and batteries (Invited)
L. Chiaraviglio, F. D’Andreagiovanni, F. Idzikowski, and A. V. Vasilakos

We.D2.4 5G/NGPON evolution and convergence: The approach of 5G PPP EU project blueSPACE (Invited)
D. Klonidis and I. Tomkos

We.D2.5 Self-coherent optical detection for access and metro networks (Invited)
N. J. Muga, R. K. Patel, N. A. Silva, and A. N. Pinto

We.D2.6 Power over fiber in radio over fiber systems in 5G scenarios (Invited)
C. Vázquez, J. D. López-Cardona, D. S. Montero, I. Pérez, P. C. Lallana, and F. M. A. Al-Zubaidi

RONEXT I (Wednesday, July 10, 17:00-18:55)

We.E2.1 Performance evaluation of two service recovery strategies in cloud-native radio access networks (Invited)
S. Ramanathan, K. Kondepu, B. Mirkhanzadeh, M. Razo, M. Tacca, L. Valcarenghi, and A. Fumagalli

We.E2.2 Demonstration of an OpenROADM SDN-enabled network for geo-distributed data centers (Invited)
B. Mirkhanzadeh, A. Shakeri, D. Bhardwaj, S. Vachhani, M. Birk, M Lyonnais, J. Kunz, T. Locke, G. Sutherland, Yong Chao Fan, Jian Zhang, M. Dalglish, L. Hogan, C. Betoule, G. Thouenon, A. Triki, G. Lambert, O. Renais, G. Vania, M. Razo, M. Tacca, T. Culver, and A. Fumagalli

We.E2.3 Enhancing optical network security with machine learning (Invited)
M. Furdek and C. Natalino

We.E2.4 Dedicated path protection for reliable network slice embedding based on functional splitting (Invited)
B. M. Khorsandi, F. Tonini, E. Amato, and C. Raffaelli

We.E2.5 OTN network planning over DWDM using computational intelligence (Invited)
J. C. da Silva, C. J. A. Bastos-Filho, R. C. Almeida-Júnior, D. A. R. Chaves, D. R. B. Araújo, A. V. S. Xavier, and J. F. Martins-Filho

We.E2.6 Improving network resilience through the node Wiener impact minimization
D. C. F. Lopes, Y. G. Neris, and M. H. Moreira Paiva

5GT I (Thursday, July 11, 8:30-10:30)

Th.A2.1 Extended ACTN architecture to enable end-to-end 5G transport service assurance (Invited)
Young Lee, J. Kaippallimalil, and R. Vilalta

Th.A2.2 Low latency dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithms for NG-PON2 to support 5G fronthaul and data services (Invited)
A. Zaouga, A. de Sousa, M. Najja, and P. Monteiro

Th.A2.3 Experimental validation of network slicing management for vertical applications on multimedia real-time communications over a packet/optical network (Invited)
P. Alemany, R Vilalta, J L de la Cruz, A Pol, A Román, R Casellas, R Martínez, and R. Muñoz

Th.A2.4 Actuation framework for 5G-enabled network slices QoE/QoS guarantees (Invited)
R. Montero, F. Agraz, A. Pagès, and S. Spadaro

Th.A2.5 End-to-end network service deployment over multiple VIMs using a disaggregated transport optical network (Invited)
R. Vilalta, J. L. de la Cruz, P. Alemany, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, A. Muqaddas, R. Nejabati, and D. Simeonidou

Th.A2.6 Exploiting PDCP filtering for implementing a capacity-efficient virtual RAN recovery (Invited)
F. Civerchia, K. Kondepu, F. Giannone, N. Sambo, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi

5GT II (Thursday, July 11, 11:00-12:55)

Th.B2.1 Optical transmission technologies for 5G networks (Invited)
J. P. Turkiewicz

Th.B2.2 Digitized radio-over-fiber transceivers for SDM/WDM back-/front-haul (Invited)
J. M. Fabrega, R. Muñoz, M. Svaluto Moreolo, L. Nadal, M. Eiselt, F. Azendorf, J. P. Turkiewicz, P. W. L. van Dijk, S. Rommel, and I. Tafur Monroy

Th.B2.3 Analog radio over fiber fronthaul for high bandwidth 5G millimeter-wave carrier aggregated OFDM
D. Konstantinou, A. Morales, S. Rommel, T. R. Raddo, U. Johannsen, and I. Tafur Monroy

Th.B2.4 Multi-channel LTE-over-fiber system based on 850 nm VCSEL and SSMF for low cost, low consumption fronthauls
J. Nanni, L. Fernandez, M. U. Hadi, C. Viana, Z. Tegegne, J.-L. Polleux, and G. Tartarini

Th.B2.5 All-optical network capacity for 5G cellular fronthaul
P. Perry, A. Peters, S. McClean, P. Morrow, B. Scotney, and L. Barry

Th.B2.6 Experimental photonic 40 – 90 GHz millimetre-wave signal generation and 10 Gb/s 32-QAM signal transmission over hybrid fiber/FSO 5G networks
L. Vallejo, B. Ortega, J. Bohata, S. Zvanovec, and V. Almenar

Th.B2.7 Energy efficient virtualization framework for 5G F-RAN
Yu Zeng, A. Al-Quzweeni, T. E.H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

QPhot I (Thursday, July 11, 14:20-16:20)

Th.C2.1 Chiral quantum photonics in semiconductor nano-photonic waveguides (Invited)
A. M. Fox

Th.C2.2 Angled cage etching for integrated quantum photonics in GaN (Invited)
D. M. Beggs, R. A. Taylor, B. Humphreys, G. P. Gough, and A. J. Bennett

Th.C2.3 Ghost metrology with classical light – The story continues: Ghost spectroscopy and ghost polarimetry (Invited)
W. Elsäßer

Th.C2.4 A source of heralded single photon using high quality factor silicon ring resonators (Invited)
F. A. Sabattoli, H. El Dirani, F. Garrisi, S. Sam, C. Petit-Etienne, J. M. Hartmann, E. Pargon, C. Monat, M. Liscidini, C. Sciancalepore, M. Galli, and D. Bajoni

Th.C2.5 Amplitude multiplexing readout of an integrated autocorrelator (Invited)
A. Gaggero, F. Martini, F. Mattioli, R. Cernansky, A. Politi, F. Chiarello, and R. Leoni

Th.C2.6 To be specified (Invited)
E. Harbord

GOC I (Thursday, July 11, 16:50-18:25)

Th.D2.1 Reduction of power consumption of optical links based on novel VCSEL optimization strategies (Invited)
G. Larisch and D. Bimberg

Th.D2.2 Ultrafast and energy-efficient all-optical switching based on graphene-loaded plasmonic waveguides (Invited)
M. Notomi

Th.D2.3 Energy efficient virtual machine services placement in cloud-fog architecture (Invited)
H. Alharbi, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Th.D2.4 To be specified (Invited)
S. Siddiqui

Th.D2.5 Impact of distributed processing on power consumption for IoT based surveillance applications
B. A. Yosuf, M. Musa, T. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

GOC II (Friday, July 12, 8:30-9:30)

Fr.A2.1 Energy efficient service embedding in IoT over PON
H. Q. Al-Shammari, A. Lawey, T. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Fr.A2.2 Energy efficient distributed processing in vehicular cloud architecture
F. S. Behbehani, M. Musa, T. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Fr.A2.3 Energy efficient and resilient infrastructure for fog computing health monitoring applications
I. S. M. Isa, M. O. I. Musa, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Fr.A2.4 Fog-assisted caching employing solar renewable energy for delivering video on demand service
M. B. A. Halim, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

QPhot II (Friday, July 12, 10:00-11:40)

Fr.B2.1 Integrated quantum photonics with tailored potential quantum dots and photonics crystal structures (Invited)
E. Kapon and A. Delgoffe

Fr.B2.2 Generation of photon pairs in topologically protected guided modes (Invited)
N. Bergamasco and M. Liscidini

Fr.B2.3 Kerr combs and telecommunications components for the generation and high-dimensional quantum processing of d-level cluster states (Invited)
P. Roztocki, C. Reimer, S. Sciara, M. Islam, L. Romero Cortés, Yanbing Zhang, B. Fischer, S. Loranger, R. Kashyap, A. Cino, Sai T. Chu, B. E. Little, D. J. Moss, L. Caspani, W. J. Munro, J. Azaña, M. Kues, and R. Morandotti

Fr.B2.4 Nonlinear photonics for quantum networks large and small (Invited)
T. A. Wright, O. Gibson, C. Parry, R. A. Hoggarth, R. J. A. Francis-Jones, and P. J. Mosley

Fr.B2.5 Exciton-polaritons in a cylindrical microcavity with an embedded 2D semiconductor layer (Invited)
J. N. S. Gomes, C. Trallero-Giner, N. M. R. Peres, and M. I. Vasilevskiy

OSCto5G (Friday, July 12, 13:10-15:05)

Fr.C2.1 Integration of optical and satellite communication technologies to improve the cache filling time in future 5G edge networks (Invited)
A. Dowhuszko, M. Shaat, and A. Pérez-Neira

Fr.C2.2 Joint VNF-provisioning and virtual topology design in 5G optical metro networks (Invited)
L. Ruiz, R. J. Durán, I. de Miguel, N. Merayo, J. C. Aguado, P. Fernández, R. M. Lorenzo, and E. J. Abril

Fr.C2.3 A use case of shared 5G backhaul segment planning in an urban area (Invited)
J. L. Romero-Gázquez, F-J. Moreno-Muro, M. Garrich, M-V. Bueno Delgado, P. S. Khodashenas, and P. Pavón Mariño

Fr.C2.4 Introducing terrestrial satellite resource orchestration layer (Invited)
H. Khalili, P. S. Khodashenas, D. Guija, and S. Siddiqui

Fr.C2.5 5G NR over satellite links: Evaluation of synchronization and random access processes (Invited)
H. Saarnisaari and C. Morais de Lima

Fr.C2.6 Optimized beam size of optical ground-to-satellite link over turbulence and beam-wandering
N. Alshaer, T. Ismail, H. Seleem, and M. E. Nasr

GOWN (Friday, July 12, 15:30-16:45)

Fr.D2.1 Dielectric and plasmonic Vivaldi antennas for on-chip wireless communication (Invited)
G. Calò, B. Alam, G. Bellanca, F. Fuschini, M. Barbiroli, V. Tralli, P. Bassi, T. Stomeo, M. Bozzetti, A. E. Kaplan, J. Shafiei Dehkordi, M. Zoli, J. Nanni, and V. Petruzzelli

Fr.D2.2 SDN/NFV-based network resource management for converged optical-wireless network architectures (Invited)
M. Mosahebfard, J. Vardakas, K. Ramantas, and C. Verikoukis

Fr.D2.3 Improvements in radio over fiber links using polarization multiplexing (Invited)
N. Badraoui and T. Berceli

Fr.D2.4 Challenges due to Rayleigh backscattering in radio over fibre links for the square kilometre array radio-telescope
J. Nanni, A. Giovannini, S. Rusticelli, F. Perini, J. Monari, E. Lenzi, and G. Tartarini

RONEXT II (Saturday, July 13, 8:30-10:10)

Sa.A2.1 Distributed backup resource allocation in fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks supporting mobile edge computing (Invited)
Tong Wang, Shuiping Jie, Boping Jiang, S. K. Bose, and Gangxiang Shen

Sa.A2.2 All-optical spectral shuffling of signals traveling through different optical routes (Invited)
T. de Andrade Bragagnolle, M. Pereira Nogueira, M. de Oliveira Santos, A. J. do Prado, A. Alves Ferreira, E. A. de Mello Fagotto, I. Aldaya, and M. L. F. Abbade

Sa.A2.3 Reliable and cost-effective optical transport networks exploiting shared regenerator pools for optical restoration (Invited)
J. Pedro and S. Pato

Sa.A2.4 A shared-path shared-compute planning strategy for a resilient hybrid C-RAN (Invited)
M. Lashgari, L. Wosinska, and P. Monti

Sa.A2.5 To be specified (Invited)
R. Chandy

BigNeO I (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-11:10)

We.B3.1 Synergetical use of analytical models and machine-learning for data transport abstraction in open optical networks (Tutorial)
V. Curri, A. D'Amico, and S. Straullu

We.B3.2 Visualization tools for enhancing failure localization (Invited)
A. P. Vela, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

We.B3.3 Smart filterless optical networks based on optical spectrum analysis (Invited)
M. Ruiz, A. Sgambelluri, F. Cugini, and L. Velasco

We.B3.4 Adaptation of the residual signal for filter failure detection in scenarios with multiple filter types (Invited)
S. Barzegar, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

BigNeO II (Wednesday, July 10, 11:40-13:20)

We.C3.1 Exploiting real-time performance awareness for cost-effective restoration in optical transport networks (Invited)
B. Gangopadhyay and J. Pedro

We.C3.2 Feature-based optical spectrum monitoring for failure detection and identification (Invited)
B. Shariati, M. Ruiz, J. Comellas, and L. Velasco

We.C3.3 Open source implementation of OpenConfig telemetry-enabled NETCONF agent (Invited)
A. Sgambelluri, A. Giorgetti, F. Paolucci, P. Castoldi, and F. Cugini

We.C3.4 NIW: A Net2Plan-based library for NFV over IP over WDM networks (Invited)
J. L. Romero-Gázquez, M. Garrich, F.-J. Moreno-Muro, M.-V. Bueno Delgado, and P. Pavón Mariño

We.C3.5 Distributed and centralized options for self-learning (Invited)
F. Tabatabaeimehr, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

BigNeO III (Wednesday, July 10, 14:50-16:40)

We.D3.1 Monitoring and data analytics for optical networking (Invited)
L. Velasco and M. Ruiz

We.D3.2 Interfaces for monitoring and data analytics systems (Invited)
L. Gifre, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

We.D3.3 Generation and analysis of service-based traffic flows (Invited)
A. Bernal, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

We.D3.4 Deep learning for cloud resources allocation: Long-short term memory in EONs (Invited)
M. Aibin

We.D3.5 Machine learning methods for traffic prediction in dynamic optical networks with service chains
D. Szostak and K. Walkowiak

We.D3.6 Netgen: A fast and scalable tool for the generation and labeling of networking datasets
I. Martín, J. A. Hernández, and Ó. González de Dios

CTS I (Wednesday, July 10, 17:10-18:30)

We.E3.1 Cell crossing probability and location-based handover in hybrid mobile networks (Invited)
K. Kastell

We.E3.2 Autonomous driving vehicle controlling network using dynamic migrated edge computer function (Invited)
N. Yamanaka, G. Yamamoto, S. Okamoto, T. Muranaka, and A. Fumagalli

We.E3.3 Approach for an optical network design for autonomous vehicles (Invited)
D. Kraus, H. Ivanov, and E. Leitgeb

We.E3.4 Overview of approaches for detecting the environmental conditions of non-motorized vehicles in urban centres (Invited)
V. Beltran, A. J. Garcia-Sanchez, and J. Garcia-Haro

CTS II (Thursday, July 11, 8:30-9:45)

Th.A3.1 Energy efficient resource allocation in vehicular cloud based architecture (Invited)
A. A. Alahmadi, M. O. I. Musa, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Th.A3.2 On the design of an intelligent landing and take-off assistance system using optical wireless communication (Invited)
D. Krichen, W. Abdallah, and N. Boudriga

Th.A3.3 Statistical approach for modeling connectors in SI-POF avionics systems (Invited)
A. López, A. Losada, D. Richards, J. Mateo, Xin Jiang, and N. Antoniades

Th.A3.4 Energy efficient software matching in vehicular fog
R. Ma, A. A. Alahmadi, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Flex-ON I (Thursday, July 11, 10:15-12:15)

Th.B3.1 Spectrum fragmentation management in elastic optical networks (Invited)
E. Oki, T. Sato, and B. C. Chatterjee

Th.B3.2 Traffic load-balancing for software-defined elastic optical networks based cross-entropy technique (Invited)
U. Mahlab, Y. Wolbrum, and Z. Erlichson

Th.B3.3 Impact of traffic delay tolerance on elastic optical networks performance (Invited)
J. Comellas, F. Nourmohammadi, and G. Junyent

Th.B3.4 Proposal and investigation of an optical reconfiguration cost aware policy for resource allocation in network function virtualization infrastructures (Invited)
V. Eramo, T. Catena, and F. G. Lavacca

Th.B3.5 Programmable sliceable transceivers based on multicarrier modulation in disaggregated optical metro networks (Invited)
L. Nadal, J. M. Fàbrega, and M. Svaluto Moreolo

Th.B3.6 On the load normalization in elastic optical networks (Invited)
L. H. Bonani, J. C. F. Queiroz, and F. Callegati

Flex-ON II (Thursday, July 11, 13:45-15:40)

Th.C3.1 Data analytics for improving performance of spectrally-spatially flexible optical networks (Invited)
K. Walkowiak, R. Goścień, P. Lechowicz, A. Włodarczyk, and M. Klinkowski

Th.C3.2 Performance evaluation of multi-core fiber-based dynamic spectrally and spatially flexible optical network with limited transceiver resources (Invited)
M. Klinkowski, G. Zalewski, M. Jaworski, J. Perello, and S. Spadaro

Th.C3.3 Optical inverse multiplexing technique applied to elastic optical networks (Invited)
B. V. A. Correia, R. C. Almeida Jr., D. A. R. Chaves, and H. A. Pereira

Th.C3.4 Rearranging optical amplifiers for upgraded ultra-low loss (ULL) fiber links in an elastic optical network (Invited)
Yongcheng Li, Ningning Guo, Wei Chen, Yonghu Yan, and Gangxiang Shen

Th.C3.5 Review of translucent elastic optical networks under dynamic traffic: Enabling devices, design strategies and operational strategies (Invited)
H. A. Dinarte, B. V. A. Correia, R. C. Almeida Jr., H. A. Pereira, and D. A. R. Chaves

Th.C3.6 A path based protection and traffic grooming approach in flex-grid optical networks
P. D. Choudhury, K. I. Reddy, and T. De

DACINT (Thursday, July 11, 16:10-17:30)

Th.D3.1 Multilevel modulation at 100 Gbaud for short reach C-band links (Invited)
O. Ozolins, Xiaodan Pang, A. Udalcovs, Lu Zhang, R. Schatz, U. Westergren, G. Jacobsen, Jiajia Chen, and S. Popov

Th.D3.2 Secure OCDM intra-data center systems enabled by photonic integrated devices (Invited)
T. R. Raddo, J. J. Vegas Olmos, and I. Tafur Monroy

Th.D3.3 Tunable active de-multiplexer for optical frequency combs (Invited)
P. D. Lakshmijayasimha, A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, P. Landais, and P. M. Anandarajah

Th.D3.4 Silicon optical modulators for data transmission in different wavelength bands (Invited)
D. J. Thomson, Ke Li, Wei Cao, D. Hagan, Shenghao Liu, Fanfan Meng, M. Nedeljkovic, A. Z Khokhar, C. G. Littlejohns, Weiwei Zhang, M. Ebert, A. Shakoor, Bigeng Chen, Shaif-ul Alam, Junjia Wang, Xia Chen, L. Mastronardi, M. Banakar, L. Crudgington, F. Y. Gardes, Jia Xu Brian Sia, Wanjun Wang, Zhongliang Qiao, Xiang Li, Xin Guo, Hong Wang, P. Wilson, G. Z. Mashanovich, A. Knights, and G. T. Reed

Th.D3.5 Erbium-doped polymer waveguide amplifiers for board-level optical interconnects (Invited)
M. Ziarko, N. Bamiedakis, E. Kumi-Barimah, G. Jose, R. V. Penty, and I. H. White

Th.D3.6 Two-stage passive optical pod interconnects for small energy-aware data centers
B. Dumas Feris, P. Gravey, M.-L. Moulinard, P. Morel, M. Morvan, and A. Sharaiha

DCN I (Friday, July 12, 8:30-9:50)

Fr.A3.1 SDN-enabled reconfigurable optical data center networks based on nanoseconds WDM photonics integrated switches (Invited)
Xuwei Xue, K. Prifti, Fu Wang, Fulong Yan, Bitao Pan, Xiaotao Guo, and N. Calabretta

Fr.A3.2 High-capacity metro optical nodes enabling efficient dimensioning of edge computing platforms  (Invited)
A. Eira, N. Costa, and J. Pedro

Fr.A3.3 Machine learning-driven virtual network embedding in inter-data centre optical network (Invited)
Yue Zong, Yejun Liu, and Lei Guo

Fr.A3.4 Multi-step forecasting of intense traffic streams using machine learning for optical circuit switching (Invited)
M. Balanici and S. Pachnicke

DCN II (Friday, July 12, 10:20-11:45)

Fr.B3.1 Sharing content at the edge of the network using game theoretic centrality (Invited)
A. Banerjee, N. Sastry, and C. Mas Machuca

Fr.B3.2 Sensitivity and scaling laws of unamplified coherent architectures for intra-data center links beyond 100 Gb/s (Invited)
G. Rizzelli and R. Gaudino

Fr.B3.3 Disaggregation for improved efficiency in fog computing era
O. O. Ajibola, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Fr.B3.4 Virtual machines embedding for cloud PON AWGR and server based data centres
R. A. T. Alani, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Fr.B3.5 Experimental evaluation of server centric passive optical network based data centre architecture
A. E. A. Eltraify, M. O. I. Musa, A. Al-Quzweeni, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

MALOC (Friday, July 12, 13:45-15:30)

Fr.C3.1 Fiber nonlinearity mitigation via the Parzen window classifier for dispersion managed and unmanaged links (Invited)
A. Amari, Xiang Lin, O. A. Dobre, R. Venkatesan, and A. Alvarado

Fr.C3.2 Machine learning for regenerator placement based on the features of the optical network (Invited)
S. Cheng, D. Xiao, A. Huang, and M. Aibin

Fr.C3.3 Machine learning based laser failure mode detection (Invited)
K. Abdelli, D. Rafique, and S. Pachnicke

Fr.C3.4 Autonomic content delivery network service (Invited)
L. Velasco, L. Gifre, and M. Ruiz

Fr.C3.5 Autonomous operations in optical networks (Invited)
A. P. Vela, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Fr.C3.6 Neuromorphic processing for optical communications (Invited)
M. Sorokina

Fr.C3.7 Recent developments in elastic optical networks using machine learning
P. D. Choudhury and T. De

NetOrch (Friday, July 12, 16:00-16:40)

Fr.D3.1 Assessing the impact of design options for an optical switch in network routing impairments (Invited)
E. Ghillino, P. Pasella, R. Stoffer, D. Richards, J. Patel, P. Mena, R. Scarmozzino, P. Bardella, E. Virgillito, D. Pilori, A. Carena, and V. Curri

Fr.D3.2 Improved user experience by dynamic service handover and deployment on 5G network edge (Invited)
J-J. Pedreno-Manresa, P. S. Khodashenas, J-L. Izquierdo-Zaragoza, and P. Pavon-Marino

WAOR I (Saturday, July 13, 8:30-9:40)

Sa.A3.1 Exact algorithm for feasible optical channel path-aware routing and spectrum assignment in container-based microservices SDN control platforms (Invited)
Q. Pham-van, S. Khebbache, Q-H. Tran, D. Verchere, and D. Zeghlache

Sa.A3.2 The Yin-Yang of packet-optical transport SDN (Invited)
J. Simsarian

Sa.A3.3 Reconfiguration of cloud and bandwidth resources in NFV architectures based on segment routing control/data plane
V. Eramo, A. Cianfrani, T. Catena, M. Polverini, and F.G. Lavacca

Sa.A3.4 Dynamic control of transparent optical networks with adaptive state-value assessment enabled by reinforcement learning
R. Shiraki, Y. Mori, H. Hasegawa, and Ken-ichi Sato

WAOR II (Saturday, July 13, 10:00-11:30)

Sa.B3.1 Guidelines to SLA modeling and establishment in heterogeneous communications networks (Invited)
A. Akbari-Moghanjoughi, G. Santos-Boada, J. Solé-Pareta, and José Roberto de Almeida Amazonas

Sa.B3.2 Capacity partitioning in the defragmented elastic single link (Invited)
H. Waldman, R. C. Almeida Jr., and R. C. Bortoletto

Sa.B3.3 Investigating the traffic characteristics of emerging Tactile Internet applications (Invited)
E. Wong and L. Ruan

Sa.B3.4 A hybrid packet/circuit optical transport architecture for DCN
N. Panahi, D. Careglio, and J. Solé Pareta

Sa.B3.5 Tackling multiple byzantine failures in optical networks routed by means of ant colony optimization
A. V. da Silva and G. S. Pavani

SWP I (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-10:50)

We.B4.1 Slow-light waveguides in the practical realm (Invited)
S. Foteinopoulou

We.B4.2 Optical delay beyond the time-bandwidth limit: From pipe dream to reality (Invited)
S. A. Schulz, D. Grassani, I. Cardea, S. J. Fabbri, J. Upham, R. W. Boyd, K. L. Tsakmakidis, and C.-S. Brès

We.B4.3 Field representation for the scattering of electromagnetic waves by several obstacles (Invited)
A. Gourdin, P. Genevet, and D. Felbacq

We.B4.4 Structured meta-mirrors for beam spatial filtering (Invited)
R. Herrero, Pei-Yu Wang, M. Botey, Yu-Chieh Cheng, and K. Staliunas

We.B4.5 To be specified (Invited)
C. Sibilia

SWP II (Wednesday, July 10, 11:20-13:20)

We.C4.1 Progress in synthesis and characterization at the single particle level of aggregation induced emission nano-objects inside microfluidic devices (Invited)
V. Colin, P. Frère, and M. Loumaigne

We.C4.2 Azo-based ligands and metal complexes for NLO applications (Invited)
A. Ayadi, K. El Korchi, D. Guichaoua, S. Taboukhat, and A. El-Ghayoury

We.C4.3 Admittance spectroscopy of organic and metalorganic complexes (Invited)
A. Korcala, P. Płóciennik, M. Lougdali, and R. Anoua

We.C4.4 Photochemical reduction of CO2 on terrestrial planets (Invited)
S. Civiš, A. Knížek, M. Ferus, and P. Kubelík

We.C4.5 Preparation of functional thin oxide coatings on the surface of cenospheres by fluidized bed chemical vapour deposition method (Invited)
P. Dulian, D. Bradło, W. Żukowski, and J. Jaglarz

We.C4.6 Mesoporous alumina- and silica-based crystalline nanocomposites with tailored anisotropy: Methodology, structure and properties (Invited)
A. V. Kityk, A. Andrushchak, Ya. Shchur, V. T. Adamiv, O. Yaremko, M. Lelonek, S. A. Vitusevich, O. Kityk, R. Wielgosz, W. Piecek, M. Busch, K. Sentker, and P. Huber

SWP III (Wednesday, July 10, 14:50-16:30)

We.D4.1 Graphene THz metasurfaces with photoinduced modulation (Invited)
A. C. Tasolamprou, A. D. Koulouklidis, C. Daskalaki, C. P. Mavidis, G. Kenanakis, G. Deligeorgis, Z. Viskadourakis, P. Kuzhir, S. Tzortzakis, E. N. Economou, C. M. Soukoulis, and M. Kafesaki

We.D4.2 Lamellas metamaterials: Properties and potential applications (Invited)
A. V. Lavrinenko, J. Sukham, E. Shkondin, O. Takayama, T. Repän, and R. Malureanu

We.D4.3 Phase locked harmonic generation in the opaque region of GaAs (Invited)
C. Cojocaru, L. R. Suñé, M. Scalora, and J. Trull

We.D4.4 Squeezed states of light generated by four wave mixing in potassium vapor (Invited)
M. Ćurčić and B. Jelenković

We.D4.5 Laser induced surface modification for inkjet printing and coating (Invited)
O. Scheuber, E. Frau, and S. Schintke

SWP IV (Wednesday, July 10, 17:00-18:40)

We.E4.1 The influence of the excited state (ES) lasing in quantum dot-in-a-well (QDWELL) structure on the QDWELL laser performance in optical communication systems (Invited)
Y. Ben Ezra and B.I. Lembrikov

We.E4.2 Spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ random lasers (Invited)
I. Iparraguirre, J. Azkargorta, R. Balda, and J. Fernández

We.E4.3 Towards solution-processed top-emitting OLEDs using an phosphorescent iridium complex (Invited)
Y. Murat, D. K. Subramanian, A. V. Lakshmanan, and M. Gerken

We.E4.4 Non-Hermitian light management based on local Hilbert transform (Invited)
K. Staliunas, W. Ahmed, M. Botey, and R. Herrero

We.E4.5 ALD oxides for GaN interfaces: A comparative view on the flat band (Invited)
R. Tomašiūnas, I. Reklaitis, E. Radiunas, G. Juška, R. Ritasalo, T. Pilvi, M. Mandl, S. Taeger, and M. Strassburg

SWP V (Thursday, July 11, 8:30-10:10)

Th.A4.1 Topological edge states in coupled photonic waveguides under periodic driving (Invited)
V. Kuzmiak and J. Petráček

Th.A4.2 Photoisomerization and light amplification processes in push-pull molecules based systems (Invited)
J. Myśliwiec

Th.A4.3 A novel approaches an enhancement on electrochemical properties of polysaccharide biopolymer as polymer electrolytes for application in electrical double layer capacitor (Invited)
M. A. Saadiah, Y. Nagao, and A. S. Samsudin

Th.A4.4 Rare-earth ion doped Al2O3 on Si3N4 platform for on-chip amplifiers and lasers (Invited)
M. de Goede, L. Chang, J. Mu, C. van Emmerik, M. Dijkstra, and S. M. García-Blanco

SWP VI (Thursday, July 11, 10:20-12:20)

Th.B4.1 Tuning metasurfaces with phase change materials (Invited)
S. Cunnningham, S. Barry Porter, P. Stamenov, C. Hrelescu, and A. L. Bradley

Th.B4.2 Towards efficient nonlinear plasmonic metasurfaces (Invited)
M. J. Huttunen, T. Stolt, O. Reshef, A. Kiviniemi, R. Czaplicki, Xiaorun Zang, I. Vartiainen, J. Butet, M. Kuittinen, O. J. F. Martin, K. Dolgaleva, R. W. Boyd, and M. Kauranen

Th.B4.3 Light enhanced flexoelectric polarization in waveguiding structures with a smectic A liquid crystal (SALC) layer (Invited)
B. I. Lembrikov, D. Ianetz, and Y. Ben-Ezra

Th.B4.4 Surface enhanced spectroscopies of ZnO nanostructures (Invited)
P.-M. Adam

Th.B4.5 A tentative comprehensive overview of the second harmonic generation from plasmonic nanoparticles (Invited)
Z. Behel and P-F. Brevet

Th.B4.6 Microcavity-enhanced surface nonlinear optics (Invited)
Yun-Feng Xiao

SWP VII (Thursday, July 11, 13:50-15:40)

Th.C4.1 Plasmonic nano-objects: From subwavelength field enhancement to hot charges and luminescence (Invited)
C. Molinaro, S. Marguet, L. Douillard, F. Charra, and C. Fiorini-Debuisschert

Th.C4.2 Giant field enhancement in resonant all-dielectric multi-layers: Advantages and limitations (Invited)
A. L. Lereu, F. Lemarchand, M. Zerrad, A. Passian, and C. Amra

Th.C4.3 Broadband, non-resonant platform for electric field enhancement (Invited)
G. Subramania

Th.C4.4 Numerical treatment of nonlocal nanoplasmonic resonant effects with periodic and aperiodic Fourier modal method (Invited)
P. Kwiecien, M. Burda, and I. Richter

Th.C4.5 A broadband polarization-insensitive diffractive lens design for subwavelength focusing of light
B. K. Yildirim, E. Bor, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

Th.C4.6 Surface texturing with multi-objective particle swarm optimization for absorption enhancement in silicon photovoltaics
İ. A. Atalay, C. Babayiğit, A. M. Alpkiliç, Y. A. Yilmaz, and H. Kurt

SWP VIII (Thursday, July 11, 16:10-18:10)

Th.D4.1 Biomedical optical sensing using nano-/micro-structured metamaterials (Invited)
I. F. M. A. Nasri, I. Mbomson, G. J. Sharp, R. M. De La Rue, N. P. Johnson, M. Sorel, and C. Gauchotte-Lindsay

Th.D4.2 Engineering photonic structures and functional optical materials: From structural health monitoring to biomedical applications (Invited)
C. Riziotis

Th.D4.3 Variable weight code division multiple access system for monitoring vibration of unequally distributed points (Invited)
S. Seyedzadeh, I. Glesk, F. Pour Rahimian, and Wing C. Kwong

Th.D4.4 One-step synthesis of highly monodisperse ZnO core-shell microspheres in microfluidic devices (Invited)
N. Ghifari, A. Chahboun, and A. El Abed

Th.D4.5 Achievements and prospects in near-field subsurface diagnostics (Invited)
L. A. Bokeria, T. T. Kakuchaya, V. A. Badeev, Y. S. Maksimovicth, A. I. Smirnov, and K. P. Gaikovich

Th.D4.6 Low-cost distributed angle sensor implemented on a fluorescent fiber (Invited)
R. Galatus, P. Farago, B. Mesesan, S. Hintea, G. Oltean, and A. Ilea

SWP IX (Friday, July 12, 8:30-10:30)

Fr.A4.1 Very localized temperature measurements and applications using optical fiber pyrometers (Invited)
C. Vázquez, A. Nuñez, A. Tapetado, and H. Miguélez

Fr.A4.2 Developing novel fibres for endoscopic imaging and sensing (Invited)
S. Yerolatsitis, H. A. C. Wood, F. Yu, M. G. Tanner, S. McAughtrie, H. Fleming, C. J. Campbell, T.A. Birks, J. C. Knight, and J. M. Stone

Fr.A4.3 Solar cell simulations made easy (Invited)
A. Quandt and R. Warmbier

Fr.A4.4 Perovskite solar cell using binary iodide gel polymer electrolytes (Invited)
I. M. Noor and A. K. Arof

Fr.A4.5 Photophysical properties of metal halide perovskite thin films (Invited)
A. Zawadzka, M. Majranowska, P. Płóciennik, A. Korcala, and K. Wiśniewski

Fr.A4.6 Temperature dependent conductivity of thin films perovskite obtained by PVD method (Invited)
P. Płóciennik, A. Zawadzka, A. Korcala, K. Wiśniewski, and Z. Łukasiak

SWP X (Friday, July 12, 11:00-12:40)

Fr.B4.1 Graphene(s): Tuning their nonlinear optical response (Invited)
S. Couris, I. Papadakis, Z. Bouza, A. Stathis, N. Karampitsos, D. Kyrginas, M. Stavrou, and D. D. Ziaka

Fr.B4.2 Tuning the electron band structure of graphene for optoelectronics (Invited)
P. Szroeder, I. Sahalianov, and T. Radchenko

Fr.B4.3 Polypyridyl ruthenium complexes: Versatile tools for linear and non-linear optics (Invited)
N. Durand, H. Akdas-Kilig, A. Boucekkine, A. Spanenberg, J.-P. Malval, J.-L. Fillaut

Fr.B4.4 Nonlinear photonics with metal-dielectric nanocomposites (Invited)
C. B. de Araújo

Fr.B4.5 Theoretical investigations on one-photon absorption wavelengths and first hyperpolarizabilities of dipolar subunits described for an octupolar system (Invited)
A. Karakas, M. Karakaya, A. Migalska-Zalas, T. Chtouki, and H. Erguig

Fr.B4.6 Computational studies on linear and third-order nonlinear optical phenomena of dipolar subunits described for an octupolar system (Invited)
A. Karakas, M. Karakaya, A. Migalska-Zalas, T. Chtouki, and H. Erguig

NOA I (Friday, July 12, 14:10-15:30)

Fr.C4.1 Ultra-long femtosecond pulsed fibre lasers (Invited)
J. D. Ania-Castañón, F. Gallazzi, P. Corredera, M. Jiménez-Rodríguez, M. González-Herráez, and F. B. Naranjo

Fr.C4.2 Polarization dependence in semiconductor optical amplifiers from a manufacturing perspective (Invited)
L. H. Spiekman

Fr.C4.3 Nonlinear-optical loop mirror (NOLM)-based all-optical multilevel amplitude regenerator (Invited)
Biao Guo, Feng Wen, Baojian Wu, Feng Yang, and Kun Qiu

Fr.C4.4 Unwanted four-wave mixing in fibre optical parametric amplifiers  (Invited)
V. Gordienko, M. A. Z. Al-Khateeb, F. M. Ferreira, A. D. Ellis, and N. J. Doran

NOA II (Friday, July 12, 16:00-17:20)

Fr.D4.1 Distributed Raman amplification design for fibre nonlinearity compensation with mid-link optical phase conjugation (Invited)
Mingming Tan, M. A. Z. Al-Khateeb, Tingting Zhang, P. Harper, and A. D. Ellis

Fr.D4.2 Recent advances in discrete Raman amplifiers and their applications to wideband optical networks (Invited)
W. Forysiak, M. A. Iqbal, L. Krzczanowicz, M. A. Z. Al-Khateeb, I. D. Phillips, and P. Harper

Fr.D4.3 Limit of achievable Information rates in EDFA and Raman amplified transmission systems using nonlinearity compensation (Invited)
Tianhua Xu, N. A. Shevchenko, Zhe Li, Tiegen Liu, and P. Bayvel

Fr.D4.4 High capacity unrepeatered optical transmission over hybrid fibers (Invited)
J. C. S. S. Januário and A. C. Bordonalli

PAM I (Saturday, July 13, 8:30-9:50)

Sa.A4.1 Evolutionary methods in clinical diagnostics (Invited)
N. Malinowska, S. Phang, D. Furniss, A. B. Seddon, T. M. Benson, Z. Domagała, and E. Beres-Pawlik

Sa.A4.2 Fully illuminated modes in a Penrose unilluminable room microcavity (Invited)
T. Fukushima

Sa.A4.3 Optomechanical oscillations in microbubble resonators: Enhancement, suppression and chaotic behaviour (Invited)
X. Rosello-Mech, G. Frigenti, M. Delgado-Pinar, M. V. Andrés, G. Righini, G. Nunzi Conti, and S. Soria

Sa.A4.4 Experimental realization of superabsorption by phase-correlated atoms in a cavity (Invited)
Kyungwon An

PAM II (Saturday, July 13, 10:05-11:45)

Sa.B4.1 Theory, fabrication, and new applications of optical bottle microresonators (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

Sa.B4.2 Quantum mechanical analogue of optical microdisk resonators (Invited)
R. P. Meeten and G. V. Morozov

Sa.B4.3 Optical orbital angular momentum in a monolithic nonplanar ring oscillator (Invited)
Guoping Lin, Yaqin Cao, and Zehuang Lu

Sa.B4.4 Enhanced infrared fingerprint detection using Helmholtz-like nanoresonators (Invited)
H. El Ouazzani, A. Fabas, J.-P. Hugonin, R. Haidar, J.-J. Greffet, and P. Bouchon

Sa.B4.5 Nonlinear generation of multipolar radiation in Mie-resonant nanoparticles (Invited)
I. Volkovskaya, D. Smirnova, and A. Smirnov

QC I (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-10:50)

We.B5.1 Simulation of a real-world driven reference QKD-network (Invited)
A. Poppe, M. Gunkel, F. Wissel, P. Schilder, M. Franzke, and M. Peev

We.B5.2 Quantum data encryption as a service on demand: Eindhoven QKD network testbed (Invited)
T. R. Raddo, S. Romme, V. Land, C. Okonkwo, and I. Tafur Monroy

We.B5.3 Quantum services architecture in softwarized infrastructures (Invited)
J.P. Brito, D. López, A. Aguado, C. Abellán, V. López, A. Pastor-Perales, F. de la Iglesia, and V. Martin

We.B5.4 Quantum aware SDN nodes in the Madrid quantum network (Invited)
V. Martin, A. Aguado, V. López, A. Pastor-Perales, M. Peev, A. Poppe, A. L. Sanz, and P. Salas

We.B5.5 Flexible entanglement distribution based on WDM and active switching technology (Invited)
F. Laudenbach, B. Schrenk, M. Hentschel, and H. Hübel

QC II (Wednesday, July 10, 11:20-12:55)

We.C5.1 Single-SPAD implementation of quantum key distribution (Invited)
P. Martelli, M. Brunero, A. Fasiello, F. Rossi, A. Tosi, and M. Martinelli

We.C5.2 The impact of fiber random birefringence in polarization-encoded quantum communications (Invited)
A. N. Pinto, M. F. Ramos, A. C. Santos, N. A. Silva, and N. J. Muga

We.C5.3 Continuous variable entanglement over different degree of freedom for entanglement multiplexing (Invited)
A. Porzio, A. Pecoraro, F. Cardano, and L. Marrucci

We.C5.4 Covert communications-based information reconciliation for quantum key distribution protocols (Invited)
J. Gariano and I. B. Djordjevic

We.C5.5 Hybrid DV-CV QKD outperforming existing QKD protocols in terms of secret-key rate and achievable distance
I. B. Djordjevic

QC III (Wednesday, July 10, 14:20-16:20)

We.D5.1 Beating the standard quantum limit for binary constellations in the presence of phase noise (Invited)
L. Kunz, M. T. DiMario, F. E. Becerra, and K. Banaszek

We.D5.2 Strategies of legitimate parties and an eavesdropper for discretely modulated continuous-variables quantum key distribution protocols (Invited)
M. Facão, V. Ferreira, A. Marques, T. Freitas, and N. A. Silva

We.D5.3 Role of device imperfections on the practical performance of continuous-variable quantum key distribution systems (Invited)
N. A. Silva, M. Almeida, D. Pereira, M. Facão, N. J. Muga, and A. N. Pinto

We.D5.4 Modelling weak-coherent CV-QKD systems using a classical simulation framework (Invited)
S. Kreinberg, I. Koltchanov, P. Novik, S. Alreesh, F. Laudenbach, C. Pacher, H. Hübel, and A. Richter

We.D5.5 Chip-based compact squeezing experiment at a telecom wavelength (Invited)
F. Mondain, T. Lunghi, A. Zavatta, É. Gouzien, F. Doutre, M. de Micheli, S. Tanzilli, and V. D’Auria

We.D5.6 Quantum temporal imaging (Invited)
G. Patera, D. B. Horoshko, and M. I. Kolobov

QC IV (Wednesday, July 10, 16:50-18:30)

We.E5.1 Demonstrating quantum advantage in security and efficiency with practical photonic systems (Invited)
E. Diamanti

We.E5.2 High-dimensional quantum communication using space encoding (Invited)
D. Bacco, D. Cozzolino, B. Da Lio, Yunhong Ding, K. Ingerslev, M. Galili, K. Rottwitt, S. Ramachandran, and L. K. Oxenløwe

We.E5.3 Quantum information processing using intermodal four-wave mixing in multi-mode optical fibers (Invited)
K. Rottwitt, J. B. Christensen, E. N. Christensen, and J. G. Koefoed

We.E5.4 Silicon photonics for quantum communication (Invited)
Yunhong Ding, D. Bacco, D. Llewellyn, I. Faruque, S. Paesani, M. Galili, A. Liang, K. Rottwitt, M. Thompson, Jianwei Wang, and L. K. Oxenløwe

We.E5.5 Generation and manipulation of quantum frequency states of light with AlGaAs chips (Invited)
S. Francesconi, G. Maltese, F. Appas, A. Lemaître, F. Baboux, M. Amanti, and S. Ducci

QC V (Thursday, July 11, 8:30-10:10)

Th.A5.1 Advances in space quantum communications for new fundamental tests and applications (Invited)
P. Villoresi

Th.A5.2 Enabling QKD under strong turbulence for wireless networks with tilt wavefront correction (Invited)
P. Arteaga-Díaz, A. Ocampos-Guillén, and V. Fernandez

Th.A5.3 Multiphoton entanglement by delocalized single photon addition (Invited)
N. Biagi, L. S. Costanzo, M. Bellini, and A. Zavatta

Th.A5.4 Coexistence of discrete-variable QKD with WDM classical signals in the C-band for fiber access environments (Invited)
D. Zavitsanos, G. Giannoulis, A. Raptakis, C. Papananos, F. Setaki, E. Theodoropoulou, G. Lyberopoulos, Ch. Kouloumentas, and H. Avramopoulos

Th.A5.5 Quantum and classical communications on shared infrastructure (Invited)
S. Bahrani, O. Elmabrok, G. Currás Lorenzo, M. Ghalaii, and M. Razavi

QC VI (Thursday, July 11, 10:40-12:35)

Th.B5.1 Embedding quantum key distribution into optical telecom communication systems (Invited)
R. Lin, A. Udalcovs, O. Ozolins, M. Tang, S. Fu, S. Popov, T. Ferreira da Silva, G. B. Xavier, and J. Chen

Th.B5.2 Towards quantum key distribution with implementation security (Invited)
M. Curty

Th.B5.3 Full-duplex quantum coherent communication (Invited)
R. Kumar and T. Spiller

Th.B5.4 On minimal assumptions to obtain a universally composable quantum bit commitment (Invited)
M. Lemus, P. Yadav, P. Mateus, N. Paunković, and A. Souto

Th.B5.5 Engineering high-speed quantum random number generators (Invited)
D. Tulli, C. Abellan, and W. Amaya

Th.B5.6 Effects of sampling rate on amplified spontaneous emission based single-bit quantum random number generation
Á. Schranz, Á. Marosits, and E. Udvary

NAON I (Thursday, July 11, 14:00-16:00)

Th.C5.1 Controlled oxidation of III-V semiconductors for photonic devices (Invited)
S. Calvez, G. Lafleur, O. Stepanenko, A. Arnoult, A. Monmayrant, H. Camon, and G. Almuneau

Th.C5.2 Development of 850 nm and 910 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for 50 – 100 Gb/s applications (Invited)
N. N. Ledentsov, V. A. Shchukin, V. P. Kalosha, N. N. Ledentsov Jr., J.-R. Kropp, G. Schaefer, Ł. Chorchos, and J. P. Turkiewicz

Th.C5.3 VCSEL-based optical frequency combs: Expansion of the optical span under arbitrary polarized optical injection  (Invited)
A. Quirce, C. de Dios, A. Valle, and P. Acedo

Th.C5.4 Intensity fluctuations and mode correlations in strongly coupled nanolasers (Invited)
M. Marconi, F. Raineri, A. Levenson, A. M. Yacomotti, J, Javaloyes, C. Ciuti, A. Biella, N. Bartolo, A. Pan, A. El Amili, and Y. Fainman

Th.C5.5 Optimization of semiconductor Bragg mirrors with genetic algorithms (Invited)
M. Dems, P. Wnuk, P. Wasylczyk, Ł. Zinkiewicz, A. Wójcik-Jedlińska, K. Regiński, K. Hejduk, and A. Jasik

Th.C5.6 Applications of single frequency blue lasers (Invited)
S. Watson, S. Gwyn, M. Knapp, S. Viola, G. Giuliano, T. J. Slight, S. Stanczyk, S. Grzanka, C. Robinson, A. Yadav, K. E. Docherty, E. Rafailov, P. Perlin, S. P. Najda, M. Leszczynski, M. Haji, and A. E. Kelly

NAON II (Thursday, July 11, 16:30-18:10)

Th.D5.1 Cavity resonator integrated filter (CRIGF) based external cavity laser in a butterfly package (Invited)
A. Monmayrant, L. Ferrières, V. Lecocq, E. Feuillet, S. Denet, O. Gauthier-Lafaye, and B. Faure

Th.D5.2 Numerical phase matching optimization for multimode silicon nano-rib waveguides (Invited)
T. Kernetzky and N. Hanik

Th.D5.3 Chirp analysis of low-power CMOS nanophotonic modulators (Invited)
G. A. Castañón

Th.D5.4 Towards high-speed Fano photonic switches (Invited)
D. A. Bekele, A. Marchevsky, Q. Saudan, Yi Yu, M. Galili, L. K. Oxenløwe, K. Yvind, and J. Mørk

Th.D5.5 Transverse polarization light scattering in tubular semiconductor nanowires (Invited)
M. A. Urbaneja Torres, A. Sitek, and A. Manolescu

NAON III (Friday, July 12, 8:30-9:45)

Fr.A5.1 Double-barrier resonant tunneling in nano-optics and quantum mechanics: Wavelength-scale analysis by the method of single expression (Invited)
H. V. Baghdasaryan, T. M. Knyazyan, T. T. Hovhannisyan, and M. Marciniak

Fr.A5.2 Quasi-phase-matching method based on coupling compensation for second harmonic generation in GaN waveguides (Invited)
R. Petruškevičius, D. Kezys, T. Malinauskas, M. Kolenda, and R. Tomašiūnas

Fr.A5.3 Influence of an edge height on the diffracted EM field distribution (Invited)
B. Varghese, O. Shramkova, V. Drazic, V. Allié, and L. Blondé

Fr.A5.4 The capabilities to form multilayer nanostructured coatings and their applications for waveplates production
L. Grineviciute, R. Buzelis, R. Drazdys, and T. Tolenis

PICAW I (Friday, July 12, 10:15-11:55)

Fr.B5.1 Athermal operation of high-order slotted lasers for communications applications (Invited)
M. J. Wallace, R. McKenna, G. Jain, F. Bello, D. McCloskey, and J. F. Donegan

Fr.B5.2 Towards ultra-efficient frequency comb generation in AlGaAs-on-insulator (Invited)
A. N. Kamel, E. Stassen, Yi Zheng, Chanju Kim, Minhao Pu, L. K. Oxenløwe, and K. Yvind

Fr.B5.3 Characterisation of a novel InP photonic integrated circuits for direct modulation applications (Invited)
M. Hammad, G. Jain, A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, P. Anandarajah, and P. Landais

Fr.B5.4 Multifunctional materials for integrated optics with enhanced and tunable optical properties (Invited)
A. R. N. Bastos, L. Fu, P. S. André, and R. A. S. Ferreira

Fr.B5.5 Amplified spontaneous emission in thin films of CsPbX3 perovskite nanocrystals (Invited)
J. Navarro-Arenas, A. F. Gualdrón-Reyes, V. S. Chirvony, I. Mora-Seró, J. Martínez-Pastor, and I. Suárez

PICAW II (Friday, July 12, 13:20-15:15)

Fr.C5.1 Suspended germanium waveguide for infrared wavelengths (Invited)
J. Soler Penades, A. Sanchez-Postigo, M. Nedeljkovic, G. Wangüemert-Perez, A. Ortega-Moñux, R. Halir, A. Z. Khokhar, A. Osman, I. Molina-Fernandez, and G. Z. Mashanovich

Fr.C5.2 Slow-light modulators in silicon waveguides gratings (Invited)
L. C. Andreani, M. Passoni, D. Gerace, G. C. R. Devarapu, and L. O’Faolain

Fr.C5.3 Waveguide frontend designs for beam transforming applications (Invited)
D. Ketzaki, G. Patsamanis, T. Lamprecht, K. Vyrsokinos, and T. Alexoudi

Fr.C5.4 Plasmonic waveguides co-integrated with Si3N4 waveguide platform for integrated biosensors (Invited)
A. Manolis, G. Dabos, N. Pleros, E. Chatzianagnostou, D. Ketzaki, L. Markey, J.C. Weeber, A. Dereux, A. L. Giesecke, C. Porschatis, B. Chmielak, P. J. Cegielski, S. Suckow, and D. Tsiokos

Fr.C5.5 Compact and high-resolution 256-channel silicon nitride based AWG spectrometer for OCT on a chip (Invited)
D. Seyringer, M. Sagmeister, A. Maese-Novo, M. Eggeling, E. Rank, J. Edlinger, P. Muellner, R. Hainberger, W. Drexler, J. Kraft, G. Koppitsch, G. Meinhardt, M. Vlaskovic, and H. Zimmermann

Fr.C5.6 Design and simulation of fiber to chip butt coupler for SiN integrated photonics
J. Chovan, F. Uherek, E. Koza, J. Pavlov, D. Seyringer, and L. Gajdošova

PICAW III (Friday, July 12, 15:45-17:35)

Fr.D5.1 Suspended silicon integrated platform for the long-wavelength mid-infrared band (Invited)
A. Sánchez-Postigo, G. Wangüemert-Pérez, J. Soler Penadés, A. Ortega-Moñux, M. Nedeljkovic, R. Halir, F. El Mokhtari Mimum, Zhibo Qu, A. Z. Khokhar, A. Osman, Wei Cao, C. G. Littlejohns, G. Z. Mashanovich, P. Cheben, and Í. Molina-Fernández

Fr.D5.2 Tilted Bragg gratings as an efficient platform for integrated multimode interference devices (Invited)
P. Horak, M. J. Weisen, J. C. Gates, C. B. E. Gawith, and P. G. R. Smith

Fr.D5.3 Harnessing sub-wavelength and symmetry engineering for the implementation of high-performance silicon Bragg grating filters (Invited)
D. Oser, X. Le Roux, F. Mazeas, D. Pérez-Galacho, D. Benedikovic, E. Durán-Valdeiglesias, V. Vakarin, O. Alibart, P. Cheben, S. Tanzilli, L. Labonté, D. Marris-Morini, E. Cassan, L. Vivien, and C. Alonso-Ramos

Fr.D5.4 All-optical readout for integrated photonic reservoir computing (Invited)
Chonghuai Ma, S. Sackesyn, J. Dambre, and P. Bienstman

Fr.D5.5 Low-power thermo-optic switching using photonic crystal Fano structure with p-i-n junction
Q. Saudan, D. A. Bekele, A. Marchevsky, Yi Yu, L. K. Oxenløwe, K. Yvind, J. Mørk, and M. Galili

Fr.D5.6 Genetically optimized design of ultra-compact and highly efficient waveguide crossing, optical attenuator and reflector
U. Sahin, E. Bor, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

PICAW IV (Saturday, July 13, 8:30-9:50)

Sa.A5.1 Integration of wafer scale III-V on Si for optoelectronics (Invited)
Shumin Wang

Sa.A5.2 RF interconnects for high-speed and dense photonic integrated circuits (Invited)
V. Dolores-Calzadilla, Weiming Yao, T. de Vries, and K. Williams

Sa.A5.3 Inverse design of integrated photonic structures (Invited)
Y. A. Yilmaz, A. M. Alpkilic, M. Tutgun, D. Yilmaz, I. A. Atalay, A. Yeltik, and H. Kurt

Sa.A5.4 Open standard test framework for photonic integrated circuits (Invited)
S. Latkowski, D. Pustakhod, M. Chatzimichailidis, X. Leijtens, and K. Williams

PICAW V (Saturday, July 13, 10:10-11:45)

Sa.B5.1 New molecular-based materials for enabling electro-optical bistability in the silicon photonics platform (Invited)
E. Pinilla-Cienfuegos, J. Parra, A. Brimont, I. Olivares, R. Sanchis-Gual, R. Torres-Cavanillas, and P. Sanchis

Sa.B5.2 Efficient designs of splitter/combiner silicon photonics devices (Invited)
A. F. Martínez-Herrera and G. A. Castañón

Sa.B5.3 Vanadium oxide based waveguide modulator integrated on silicon (Invited)
J. John, R. Orobtchouk, P. Rojo-Romeo, B. Vilquin, Zhen Zhang, S. Ramanathan, and S. Cueff

Sa.B5.4 Hybrid III-V on Si photonic integrated circuits for high-speed optical communications: Roadmap and perspectives (Invited)
J. Manel Ramirez, H. Elfaiki, T. Verolet, D. Néel, K. Hassan, C. Jany, S. Malhouitre, A. Gallet, A. Shen, C. Caillaud, D. Make, H. Garia, and M. Achouche

Sa.B5.5 Integration of amorphous low refractive index active materials in silicon photonics
R. Orobtchouk, A. Belarouci, B. Vilquin, and P. Rojo Romeo

Novel Glasses I (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-11:10)

We.B6.1 New generation of materials for the Near-Mid IR sensors based on lead chalcogenides (Invited)
L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, T. Sazanova, and V. Vorotyntsev

We.B6.2 Functionalization of chalcogenide thin films: first step towards optical bio-sensors (Invited)
C. Vigreux, B. Robert, R. Escalier, L. Courthéoux, A. Pradel, B. Varga, M. Martin-Fernandez, C. Gergely, A. Mehdi, and R. Bendoula

We.B6.3 Microstructured chalcogenide glass fibers for infrared photonics (Invited)
J.-L. Adam, J. Trolès, L. Brilland, S. Venck, and R. Chahal

We.B6.4 Thin-film optical elements based on chalcogenide materials (Invited)
A. Bourgade, F. Lemarquis, T. Begou, and J. Lumeau

We.B6.5 Evanescent waves in glassy chalcogenide structures for remote spectroscopic sensing of environment (Invited)
E. Romanova, S. Korsakova, D. Zhivotkov, A. Rozhnev, and V. Shiryaev

We.B6.6 Laser stimulated piezo-optical effects in chalcogenides (Invited)
J. Jędryka, P. Rakus, I. V. Kityk, K. Ozga, and G. Myronchuk

Novel Glasses II (Wednesday, July 10, 11:30-13:10)

We.C6.1 SiO2-SnO2 photonic glass-ceramics (Invited)
L. T. N. Tran, D. Massella, R. Balda, S. Berneschi, W. Blanc, B. Boulard, A. Chiappini, A. Chiasera, P. Dentella, S. Eaton, J. Fernandez, M. Ferrari, J. Gates, P. Głuchowski, G. Ischia, A. Lukowiak, G. Nunzi Conti, F. Prudenzano, B. Rossi, G. C. Righini, D. Zonta, and L. Zur

We.C6.2 Color-tunable upconversion luminescence in Er3+-Yb3+ co-doped sodium lutetium fluoride glass-ceramics (Invited)
R. Balda, J. J. Velázquez, G. Gorni, I. Iparraguirre, M. Sedano, M. Kochanowicz, J. Zmojda, D. Dorosz, A. Durán, M. J. Pascual, and J. Fernández

We.C6.3 Studies of the spectroscopic properties of lead-gallium oxyfluoride (LGOF) glasses and glass-ceramics activated by Er3+ and Er3+/Yb3+ ions (Invited)
K. Wiśniewski, M. Środa, A. Marczewska, and C. Koepke

We.C6.4 New lanthanide source from e-waste to fabricate active photonic structures (Invited)
L. Zur, R. Tomala, A. Hojenska, W. Strek, S. Aldabe Bilmes, S. J. L. Ribeiro, J. Rodriguez, A. Bouajaj, A. Chiasera, M. Ferrari, and A. Lukowiak

We.C6.5 In-fiber acousto-optics for the broadband measurement of the UV-induced refractive index change in photosensitive fibers (Invited)
S. Rosales-Mendoza, M. Delgado-Pinar, E. Rivera-Pérez, J. Luis Cruz, A. Díez, and M. V. Andrés

Novel Glasses III (Wednesday, July 10, 14:30-16:30)

We.D6.1 Nanoparticles in optical waveguides: A toolbox to promote lasers, amplifiers and sensors (Invited)
W. Blanc, M. Vermillac, L. Petit, A. Lukowiak, Zhuorui Lu, F. Mady, M. Benabdesselam, S. Chaussedent, A. Mehdi, and M. Ferrari

We.D6.2 A materials approach toward the mitigation of nonlinearities in glass optical fibers (Invited)
M. Cavillon, P. D. Dragic, and J. Ballato

We.D6.3 Luminescence and energy transfer in fluoroindate glasses doped with rare-earth (Invited)
M. Kochanowicz, J. Zmojda, A. Baranowska, P. Miluski, J. Dorosz, M. Leśniak, M. Kuwik, J. Pisarska, W. A. Pisarski, M. Sitarz, L. Mochalov, A. Nezhdanov, M. Ferrari, G. Righini, J. Dorosz, and D. Dorosz

We.D6.4 Fabrication of gratings in mid-infrared compatible fibres via femtosecond laser direct inscription (Invited)
A. Fuerbach, G. Bharathan, T. Fernandez, and M. Ams

We.D6.5 Bifunctional Bi3TeBO9 crystals: Luminescence and µ-Raman investigation (Invited)
D. Kasprowicz, T. Zhezhera, P. Głuchowski, M. Chrunik, and A. Majchrowski

We.D6.6 Plasmon effect in nanocomposite optical fibers for photonic applications (Invited)
J. Żmojda, M. Kochanowicz, P. Miluski, A. Baranowska, T. Ragiń, and D. Dorosz

ESPC I (Wednesday, July 10, 16:50-18:50)

We.E6.1 Recent advances in the development of hollow core fibres (Invited)
Yong Chen, T. D. Bradley, J. R. Hayes, H. Sakr, G. T. Jasion, E. N. Fokoua, I. A. Davidson, S. Rikimi, M. N. Petrovich, F. Poletti, and D. J. Richardson

We.E6.2 Recent advances in inhibited-coupling guiding hollow-core optical fibers (Invited)
J. H. Osório, F. Amrani, F. Delahaye, M. Chafer, M. Maurel, C. Restoin, J-M. Blondy, B. Debord, F. Gérôme, and F. Benabid

We.E6.3 Progress in development of nanostructured gradient index optical fibers and micro-optical components (Invited)
R. Buczyński, A. Anuszkiewicz, A. Filipkowski, H. T. Nguyen, T. Stefaniuk, D. Michalik, M. Franczyk, R. Stępień, D. Pysz, A. Waddie, M. R. Taghizadeh, and R. Kasztelanic

We.E6.4 Photonic crystal fibers dedicated to couple, guide and control higher order modes (Invited)
T. Stefaniuk, G. Stępniewski, D. Pysz, R. Stępień, and R. Buczyński

We.E6.5 Polarization modulation instability in all-normal dispersion microstructured optical fibers with sub-ns pumping (Invited)
A. Loredo-Trejo, Y. López-Diéguez, L. Velázquez-Ibarra, A. Díez, E. Silvestre, and M. V. Andrés

We.E6.6 How to amplify light in an unfilled hollow core optical fiber (Invited)
W. Belardi, L. Bigot, and P. J. Sazio

ESPC II (Thursday, July 11, 8:30-10:30)

Th.A6.1 Optical trapping and gram-type differentiation of living bacteria in 2D hollow photonic crystal cavities (Invited)
R. Therisod, M. Tardif, N. Villa, P. R. Marcoux, E. Picard, E. Hadji, D. Peyrade, and R. Houdré

Th.A6.2 Development of non-mechanical beam steering and LiDAR based on photonic crystal and Si photonics (Invited)
T. Baba

Th.A6.3 Demonstration of optical frequency combs in photonic crystal cavities (Invited)
M. Clementi, A. Baron, T. Fromherz, D. Gerace, and M. Galli

Th.A6.4 Photonic wavy structures for angular filtering of light
C. Babayiğit, L. Grineviciute, D. Gailevičius, E. Bor, M. Turduev, V. Purlys, T. Tolenis, H. Kurt, and K. Staliunas

Th.A6.5 Photonic crystal rectangular hole based nanobeam cavity refractive index sensor
B. Ozkarali, E. Bor, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

Th.A6.6 Hyperbolic secant graded index photonic crystal flat lens for subwavelength focusing of light
A. S. Evren, E. Bor, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

Th.A6.7 Transmission enhanced wavelength demultiplexer design based on photonic crystal waveguide with gradually varied width
B. Neseli, E. Bor, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

Novel Glasses IV (Thursday, July 11, 11:00-13:00)

Th.B6.1 Enhanced pump absorption efficiency in coiled and twisted double-clad fibers for fiber lasers (Invited)
P. Peterka, P. Koška, A. A. Jasim, N. Kanagaraj, J. Aubrecht, M. Kamrádek, O. Podrazký, F. Todorov, I. Kašík, and P. Honzátko

Th.B6.2 Persistent luminescent glasses prepared using the direct doping method (Invited)
U. Aryal, N. Ojha, A. Veber, L. Petit, M. Lastusaari, T. Trautvetter, R. Mueller, and J. Ueda

Th.B6.3 Design of ultra-wideband Yb:Er:Tm:Ho co-doped germanate glass devices (Invited)
M. C. Falconi, D. Laneve, V. Portosi, S. Taccheo, and F. Prudenzano

Th.B6.4 Development of high-purity REE-doped chalcogenide glasses and fibers for mid-IR optical applications (Invited)
V. Shiryaev, E. Karaksina, T. Kotereva, A. Velmuzho, A. Plekhovich, and E. Boyko, and A. Shushunov

Th.B6.5 Multimode selenide-chalcogenide glass fiber-based MIR spontaneous emission sources with shaped output spectrum (Invited)
S. Sujecki, L. Sojka, D. Jayasuriya, M. Shen, Z. Tang, E. Barney, D. Furniss, T. M. Benson, and A. B. Seddon

Th.B6.6 To be specified (Invited)
M. Kochanowicz

AFLaser I (Thursday, July 11, 14:30-15:30)

Th.C6.1 Excitation of breather solitons in a mode-locked fibre laser (Invited)
Junsong Peng, S. Boscolo, Zihan Zhao, and Heping Zeng

Th.C6.2 Coherence measurement of square-pulses in passively mode-locked fiber laser (Invited)
M. Kemel, G. Semaan, M. Salhi, and F. Sanchez

Th.C6.3 Polymer fiber lasers (Invited)
R. Caspary, F. Jakobs, J. Kielhorn, Pen Yiao Ang, M. Cehovski, M. Beck, H.-H. Johannes, S. Balendat, J. Neumann, S. Unland, S. Spelthann, J. Thiem, A. Ruehl, D. Ristau, and W. Kowalsky

AFLaser II (Thursday, July 11, 16:00-17:00)

Th.D6.1 Nanocrystalline ceramic phosphors for high-power lasers operating at 2 µm (Invited)
J. Mrázek, I. Kašík, J. Aubrecht, O. Podrazký, J. Cajzl, and P. Peterka

Th.D6.2 Nanostructured core optical fibres for laser applications (Invited)
M. Franczyk, D. Pysz, A. Anuszkiewicz, A. Filipkowski, K. Stawicki, J. Lisowska, P. Pucko, D. Michalik, T. Stefaniuk, R. Kasztelanic, R. Stępień, K. Markowski, K. Jędrzejewski, T. Osuch, and R. Buczyński

Th.D6.3 Surface domain structures optimization of soft magnetic materials via the fibre laser scribing (Invited)
I. Petryshynets

LFSRS I (Friday, July 12, 8:30-10:10)

Fr.A6.1 Resolution enhancement in microspherical nanoscopy by coupling of emission to plasmonics metasurfaces (Invited)
V. N. Astratov, F. Abolmaali, A. Brettin, G. W. Bidney, Boya Jin, N. I. Limberopoulos, D. E. Walker, Hanyang Li, and A. V. Maslov

Fr.A6.2 Label-free super-resolution imaging with hyperbolic materials (Invited)
E. Narimanov

Fr.A6.3 Label free ultra-sensitive imaging with sub-diffraction spatial resolution (Invited)
S. Alexandrov, N. Das, J. McGrath, P. Owens, C. J. R. Sheppard, F. Boccafoschi, C. Giannini, T. Sibillano, H. Subhash, and M. Leahy

Fr.A6.4 Plasmonics in atomically thin crystalline silver (Invited)
V. Mkhitaryan, Z. M. A. El-Fattah, J. Brede, L. Fernández, Qiushi Guo, Cheng Li, A. Ghosh, D. Naveh, Fengnian Xia, J. E. Ortega, and F. J. García de Abajo

Fr.A6.5 Apodization-assisted subdiffraction near-field focusing in 2D phase diffraction grating (Invited)
I. V. Minin, Y. E. Geints, and O. V. Minin

LFSRS II (Friday, July 12, 10:40-12:00)

Fr.B6.1 Deep-tissue super-resolution imaging in Drosophila brain (Invited)
Han-Yuan Lin, Li-An Chu, Hsuan Yang, Kuo-Jen Hsu, Yen-Yin Lin, Keng-Hui Lin, Ann-Shyn Chiang, and Shi‑Wei Chu

Fr.B6.2 Spin plasmonics and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy in label free biomolecular sensing (Invited)
C. E. A. Grigorescu, A.-M. Iordache, M. I. Rusu, C. R. Stefan (Iordanescu), S. M. Iordache, C. Rizea, T. Soare, M. Militaru, A. Diaconescu, L. Tortet, A. Tonetto, and R. Notonier

Fr.B6.3 Investigating human skin using deep learning enhanced multiphoton microscopy (Invited)
M. J. Huttunen, R. Hristu, A. Dumitru, M. Costache, and S. G. Stanciu

Fr.B6.4 To be specified (Invited)
F. Vollmer

LFSR III (Friday, July 12, 13:30-14:50)

Fr.C6.1 Direct laser writing using chalcogenide thin films (Invited)
C. Moisset, J.-Y. Natoli, A. Bourgade, J. Lumeau, and K. Iliopoulos

Fr.C6.2 Shaping light emission by plasmon antenna array lattice resonances with engineered gain and loss (Invited)
R. Kolkowski and A. F. Koenderink

Fr.C6.3 Physics of 3D microsphere assisted microscopy (Invited)
S. Lecler, S. Perrin, and P. Montgomery

Fr.C6.4 Supercontinuum applications in high resolution non-invasive optical imaging (Invited)
A. Podoleanu, O. Bang, A. Barh, S. Bojesen, M. Bondu, A. Bradu, S. Caujolle, C. Chin, M. Denninger, T. Feuchter, F. Fleischhauer, M. Hædersdal, G. Hannesschläger, N. Møller Israelsen, D. Jain, M. Jensen, I. B. Gonzalo, M. Maria, M. Marques, L. Leick, P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg, M. Mogensen, P. M. Moselund, C. Pedersen, and C. R. Petersen

OMT I (Friday, July 12, 15:20-17:15)

Fr.D6.1 Gabor fusion master slave optical coherence tomography (Invited)
A. Podoleanu, R. Cernat, A. Bradu, M. Marques, N. Moller Israelsen, O. Bang, S. Rivet, P. Keane, D. Garway-Heath, and R. Rajendram

Fr.D6.2 Advances in fractal analysis of the biological tissues images obtained by using laser scanning microscopy (Invited)
A. Toma, R. Hristu, T. Capraru,  S. G. Stanciu, D. Tranca, and G. A. Stanciu

Fr.D6.3 Correlative imaging using a multimodal microscopy system for investigations at micro and nano scales (Invited)
G. A. Stanciu, D. E. Tranca, S. G. Stanciu, R. Hristu, C. Stoichita, and J. M. Bueno

Fr.D6.4 Deconvolution method for multiphoton microscopy: An application to thick ocular tissues (Invited)
J. M. Bueno, R. M. Martínez-Ojeda, L. M. Mugnier, and P. Artal

Fr.D6.5 Correlative multimodal approach based on optical near-field and topographic imaging to characterize the morphology of ESKAPE pathogen bacteria at nanoscale (Invited)
G. Cincotti, M. Lucidi, S. G. Stanciu, D. E. Tranca, A. M. Holban, L. Nichele, and G. A. Stanciu

Fr.D6.6 Thresholding algorithms for microbial cell counting
L. Nichele, V. Persichetti, M. Lucidi, and G. Cincotti

OMT II (Saturday, July 13, 8:30-9:50)

Sa.A6.1 Quantifying myelination at the individual axon scale using color spatial light interference microscopy (cSLIM) (Invited)
M. Fanous, M. P. Caputo, L. A. Rund, M. Kandel, Young Jae Lee, C. Best-Popescu, R. W. Johnson, T. Das, M. J. Kuchan, and G. Popescu

Sa.A6.2 Characterization of biological liquids by modulated 3D cross-correlation dynamic light scattering (Invited)
E. Frau and S. Schintke

Sa.A6.3 Modeling brain tissue scattering for optical neural interfaces (Invited)
E. Maglie, M. Pisanello, F. Pisano, A. Balena, B. Spagnolo, B. L. Sabatini, M. De Vittorio, and F. Pisanello

Sa.A6.4 Tapered fibers for optogenetics: Gaining spatial resolution in deep brain regions by exploiting angle-selective light injection systems (Invited)
A. Balena, M. Bianco, F. Pisano, M. Pisanello, L. Sileo, B. Spagnolo, B. Sabatini, M. De Vittorio, and F. Pisanello

OMT III (Saturday, July 13, 10:10-11:25)

Sa.B6.1 Morphological effects in photonic integrated nanojet (Invited)
A. Belarouci, O. Hudz, M. Calvo, P. Rojo Romeo, and R. Orobtchouk

Sa.B6.2 Effect of gallium on graded Cu(In1−xGax)S2 thin films for solar cells prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis (Invited)
M. Rafi, B. Hartiti, A. Ridah, P. Thevenin, and B. Mari

Sa.B6.3 Nonlinear refraction and absorption coefficients of transparent materials illuminated by strong light beams (Invited)
M. Chis, Hongzhen Wang, C. Cassagne, and G. Boudebs

Sa.B6.4 Active hyperspectral mid-infrared imaging based on widely tunable QCL laser
C. El Fakir, L. Poffo, B. Billiot, P. Besnard, and J.-M. Goujon

MOON I (Wednesday, July 10, 9:10-10:50)

We.B7.1 Enabling technologies to extend the bandwidth of WDM optical communication systems to the limits of the available optical fiber bandwidth (Invited)
I. Tomkos, A. Bogris, C. Roeloffzen, A. Liense, A. Larsson, D. Klonidis, N. Raptis, and D. Syvridis

We.B7.2 Upgrade capacity scenarios enabled by multi-band optical systems (Invited)
A. Ferrari, A. Napoli, J. K. Fischer, N. Costa, J. Pedro, N. Sambo, E. Pincemin, B. Sommerkohrn-Krombholz, and V. Curri

We.B7.3 To be specified (Invited)
M. Ionescu

We.B7.4 Ultra-wideband transmission systems based on semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
A. Arnould, J. Renaudier, A. Ghazisaeidi, D. Le Gac, P. Brindel, M. Makhsiyan, F. Blache, and M. Achouche

We.B7.5 Overview and comparison of nonlinear interference modelling approaches in ultra-wideband optical transmission systems (Invited)
D. Semrau, R. I. Killey, and P. Bayvel

MOON II (Wednesday, July 10, 11:20-13:00)

We.C7.1 To be specified (Invited)

We.C7.2 To be specified (Invited)
A. P. Vela

We.C7.3 To be specified (Invited)
L. Lundberg

We.C7.4 Observing and modeling wideband generation of non-linear interference (Invited)
E. Virgillito, A. D'Amico, A. Ferrari, and V. Curri

We.C7.5 Unleashing innovation with open optical networks (Invited)
G. Grammel

Poster Session I (Thursday, July 11, 13:30-15:30)

Th.P.1 Container based analysis tool for vulnerability prioritization in cyber security systems
M. Walkowski, M. Biskup, A. Szewczyk, J. Oko, and S. Sujecki

Th.P.2 Wideband differential fed patch antenna for radio over fiber systems
I. Gharbi, R. Barrak, M. Latrach, H. Ragad, and M. Menif

Th.P.3 Transmitter diversity with beam steering
O. Z. Alsulami, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Th.P.4 TDM/WDM over AWGR based passive optical network data centre architecture
A. E. A. Eltraify, M. O. I. Musa, and J. M.H. Elmirghani

Th.P.5 WDM NOMA VLC systems
M. K. A. Aljohani, M. O. I. Musa, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Th.P.6 Visible light optical data centre links
O. Z. Alsulami, M. O. I. Musa, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Th.P.7 Optimized resource allocation in multi-user WDM VLC systems
S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, O. Z. Alsulami, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Th.P.8 Channel robust free space optical transmission using differential on-off keying technique
Won-Ho Shin and Sang-Kook Han

Th.P.9 Weather influence on performance of a seamless free space optic (FSO) link in a PON scenario
G. Susanna, S. Di Bartolo, D. Carleo, S. Penna, S. Betti, and A. Reale

Th.P.10 Visual data processing in the onboard network of the heterogeneous computing units
A. Boguslavsky, A. Latsis, S. Sokolov, and A. Derzhanovskiy

Th.P.11 Impact of weather conditions and interference on the performance of VLC based V2V communication
G. Singh, A. Srivastava, and V. A. Bohara

Th.P.12 A clique partitioning based spectrum allocation strategy in elastic optical networks
P. D. Choudhury, N. Agarwal, and T. De

Th.P.13 Optical frequency comb generation by interfering multiple lasers in Mach-Zehnder modulator
M. Bassiouni, T. Ismail, H. Selmy, and Y. Badr

Th.P.14 Formation of diffraction-free fields using point sources located on a ring with variable phase
P. Khorin and D. Savelyev

Th.P.15 Elliptic vortex beams focused by a diffractive axicon
D. Savelyev and S. Volotovsky

Th.P.16 Neural networks for PAPR reduction in optical OFDM signal transmission
Wenlong Zhang, A. Hajomer, Xuelin Yang, and Weisheng Hu

Th.P.17 SNR evaluation of WDM photonic ADCs in high-resolution radar systems
P. E. D. Cruz, T. M. F. Alves, and A. V. T. Cartaxo

Th.P.18 Measurement of performance parameters of multimedia services on a hybrid access network xPON/xDSL
J. Latal, Z. Wilcek, J. Kolar, J. Vojtech, and F. Šarlej

Poster Session II (Friday, July 12, 13:30-15:30)

Fr.P.1 Multiple-channel self-referencing in microfluidic chip-scale label-free whispering gallery mode biochemical sensor platform
Hanyang Li, Bojian Shi, Boya Jin, N. I. Limberopoulos, and V. N. Astratov

Fr.P.2 Optical waveform tailoring in passive and laser cavity fibre systems
S. Boscolo, I. Gukov, and C. Finot

Fr.P.3 Experimental and numerical study of emission properties of Pr(3+)-doped Ga(In)-Ge-As-Se glass fibers
V. Shiryaev, E. Anashkina, E. Karaksina, and T. Kotereva

Fr.P.4 Molecular dynamics simulations of rare-earth-doped nanoparticles in silica matrix: Drawing of a preform to a fiber
J. Fourmont, J. Turlier, D. Guichaoua, N. Gaumer, P. Raso, S. Chaussedent, and W. Blanc

Fr.P.5 Enhanced intrinsic luminescence of metal nanostructures during plasmon enhanced spectroscopy
Guowei Lu, Jingyi Zhao, Yuqing Cheng, and Qihuang Gong

Fr.P.6 Comparison of silicon nitride based 1×8 Y-branch splitters applying different waveguide structures
D. Seyringer, J. Chovan, L. Gajdošova, D. Figura, and F. Uherek

Fr.P.7 Simulations of LED patterned with IP-DIP woodpile structure
A. Kuzma, P. Urbancová, S. Sedlák, J. Škriniarová, and F. Uherek

Fr.P.8 Temperature dependent behavior of the optical gain and electroabsorption modulation properties of an InAs/GaAs quantum dot epistructure
E. D. Le Boulbar, L. Jarvis, D. Hayes, S. Shutts, Zhibo Li, Mingchu Tang, Huiyun Liu, A. Samani, P. M. Smowton, and N. Abadía

Fr.P.9 Plasmonic integrated multimode filter
N. Abadía, A. Samani, E. D. Le Boulbar, D. Hayes, and P. M. Smowton

Fr.P.10 Hydrogenated fluorographene: A fluorographene derivative with remarkable third-order nonlinear response
A. Stathis, I. Papadakis, N. Karampitsos, D. Kyrginas, M. Stavrou, D. D. Ziaka, and S. Couris

Fr.P.11 Third-order nonlinear optical properties of some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
N. Karampitsos, I. Papadakis, A. Stathis, D. Kyrginas, D. D. Ziaka, M. Stavrou, and S. Couris

Fr.P.12 Luminescence properties of praseodymium-doped crystals
D. Guichaoua, R. Wielgosz, K. Waszkowska, K. El Korchi, and B. Sahraoui

Fr.P.13 Fast and small electronics adapted to a various quantum experiments
R. Frankowski, M. Kowalski, P. Płóciennik, A. Zawadzka, M. Loughdali, and H. Lamkaouane

Fr.P.14 Physical properties of bis-(8-hydroxyquinoline) magnesium thin films
M. Lougdali, A. Korcala, P. Płóciennik, Y. El Kouari, M. Zazoui, Y. Abboud, A. El Bouari, and B. Sahraoui

Fr.P.15 Physical properties of yellow natural Moroccan dye
R. Anoua, K. Wiśniewski, M. El Jouad, S. Touhtouh, P. Płóciennik, A. Hajjaji, M. Bakasse, B. Sahraoui, and A. Zawadzka

Fr.P.16 Preliminary study of adhesive properties of surface adsorbed human serum albumin and transforming growth factor-β evaluated with AFM force spectroscopy
J. Strzelecki, A. Zawadzka, and M. Cieplak

Fr.P.17 Nonlinear optical properties (electronic contribution) of a conjugated series of Schiff bases compounds
K. Bouchouit, A. Bouraiou, S. Arroudj, K. El Korchi, and D. Guichaoua

Fr.P.18 KH2PO4 + host matrix (alumina/SiO2) nanocomposite: Raman scattering insight
Ya. Shchur, A. S. Andrushchak, V. V. Strelchuk, A. S. Nikolenko, V. T. Adamiv, N. A. Andrushchak, P. Göring, P. Huber, and A. V. Kityk

Fr.P.19 Third harmonic generation in spin-coated styrylquinoline based polymer thin films
K. Waszkowska, O. Krupka, V. Smokal, O. Kharchenko, D. Guichaoua, and B. Sahraoui

Fr.P.20 Synthesis and characterization of CuO nano particles
R. Bacha, K. El korchi, A. L. Bouchtout, N. Boulares, F. Mahcene, A. Chari, and A. Chaieb

Fr.P.21 Photo dissociation properties of pure and Ga doped ZnO nano phases
N. Boulares, A. L. Bouchetout, Y. El Kouari, S. Harouni, R. Bacha, and A. Chaieb

Fr.P.22 Third order nonlinear optical properties of MgO doped Co thin films by dip coating technique
S. Abed, H. Djaaboube, K. Waszkowska, K. El Korchi, R. Aouati, and A. Bouabellou

Fr.P.23 Pyrene-based iminopyridine ligand and its metal complexes for nonlinear optical performance
S. Taboukhat, K. El Korchi, A. Ayadi, A. Aamoum, Y. El Kouari, D. Guichaoua, A. Migalska-Zalas, A. El-Ghayoury, and B. Sahraoui

Fr.P.24 Influence of polymer matrix on nonlinear optical response in octaethylporphine palladium derivative thin films
K. Waszkowska, K. El Korchi, D. Guichaoua, A. Zawadzka, and B. Sahraoui

Fr.P.25 Nanostructured CuO thin film for nonlinear optical applications
R. Wielgosz, B. Kulyk, B. Turko, T. Chtouki, V. Kapustianyk, and B. Sahraoui

Fr.P.26 A method for deep purification of iodine for semiconductor applications
L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, D. Gogova, and V. Vorotyntsev

Fr.P.27 Synthesis of gallium oxide from the elements at RF plasma discharge in the argon-oxygen mixture
A. Logunov, L. Mochalov, D. Gogova, and V. Vorotyntsev

Fr.P.28 As-Se-Te planar waveguides prepared by continuous and femtosecond laser writing
L. Mochalov and V. Vorotyntsev

Fr.P.29 Sublimation of 1,4-dichlorobenzene from mothball surface observed using atomic force microscope
Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu